You changed me, almost.

A year and a half has passed and I am trying to cope with my twins. They have changed me,Almost.
I may still be the same girl inside but I am fighting to be a good mum.

It is my birthday in 2 weeks and my dad's tour ends in 1 week. They are coming home to see me. It will be the first time the have seen me in a year and a half. It will be the first time ever they have seen my children.


4. play date

*ring ring*
We had traded numbers and with my luck one of them would stay sober.
"Hey Angel." Jessie said.
"Hey. Do you wanna meet up at the park now?" I asked.
"Yeah sure. Be there in 5. Raven and Emma will be coming as well." She said then hung up.
Emma was her girlfriend. I had met up with them before but not much really. I have been doing learning stuff online instead of going to school. 
"just wait 5 minutes please." I begged Jersey.
"Fine. OMG. Elle came back from holiday last week." Jersey said slapping my arm.
"SHIT." I yelled.
I never swore anymore. I had turned into pretty much a perfect teenager but I wasn't always perfect. 
"Well try not to kill her." Jersey laughed.
"I wanna go see Joe." I said quickly. 
"Why? So I can kill him." Jersey snapped.
"No So I can show him his kids." I replied.
"He destroyed you. You started self harming badly and you told me you wanted to kill your self because of him. He is not going to touch you." Jersey snapped.
"Whatever. It is my choice." I said with no emotion. 
"HEYY" Raven screamed running at us with a pram.
Jessie soon joined her with a pram of her own then Emma walked up and sat down.
"Hi. want some?" Jersey said offering them all some vodka.
"Where did you get that from?" Emma asked.
"Parents." Jersey replied.
"They let you drink?" Raven asked.
"Nope" Jersey replied.
Jersey passed me the bottle of vodka and I took a mouthful. It burned the back of my throat which I was not use to. 
"You two are stupid. We are going to the climbing frame." Jessie said taking her kid, Leo and Raven's kid, Kyle. 
Raven stayed with us while Emma and Jessie went to the climbing frame. 
"Give us some." Raven said.
Jersey chucked another bottle at her. I grab a cigarette and light it. I took a drag and Jersey copied me. 
"Do you smoke?" I asked Raven.
"Used to when I was like your age." She replied. 
"Here" Jersey said.
I chucked her a lighter while Jersey chucked her the box of cigarettes. We were all sat there smoking and drinking when a cop walked passed. We put the bottles under the table and hid the fags. 
"Hello Mia." He yelled.
"Hi." I shouted back.
"You better not be getting in trouble." He laughed.
"I won't don't worry." I said.
He walked off and we started drinking and smoking again. 
"you know him?" Raven asked.
"yeah he arrested me." I replied taking a massive mouthful.
"Why?" She asked.
"Fight." I said. 

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