You changed me, almost.

A year and a half has passed and I am trying to cope with my twins. They have changed me,Almost.
I may still be the same girl inside but I am fighting to be a good mum.

It is my birthday in 2 weeks and my dad's tour ends in 1 week. They are coming home to see me. It will be the first time the have seen me in a year and a half. It will be the first time ever they have seen my children.


15. car ride

"You and Niall?" Dean smirked.
"Oh shut up." I replied with a smile.
"Louis will kill him" Dean said.
"So shut up." I said.
"Fine" Dean said and then walked away. 
I followed Dean to the lounge area and sat on my own chair.
"Do you like my new tattoo?" I asked Dean loud enough for Louis to hear.
"Really a new tattoo as well?"Louis moaned.
I nodded.
"You are grounded." Louis said and went back to watching the T.v.
"Ok" I smirked.
I curled up in a bawl and fell asleep. I hadn't been getting much sleep lately so I was super tired.
"Wake up." Harry said hitting me with a pillow.
"Ouch" I yelped.
I pulled myself out of the chair and walked out of the jet. I stumbled down the stairs, through the crowd of screaming fans and into one of the cars. It was the same arrangement. Louis,Liam,Harry,Zayn and Paul in one car and Me, Niall, Dean, Devon and Faith in the other. 
"Who put the girls in the car?" I asked.
"Me and Dean." Niall replied.
I just nodded in reply.
Dean slammed the door and jumped in the driver's seat.
"Careful not to kiss." Dean laughed.
"Shut up" I said. 
I placed my head on Niall's shoulder again. All the boys had helped me with the twins but for some reason I felt Niall was the best. 
"Are you okay?" Niall whispered.
"Yeah I am fine." I replied.
"Good" Niall whispered back.
He planted a kiss on my neck and wrapped his arm around my waist. We sat in silence the whole ride apart from Deans comments every so often. 
"We are here" Dean shouted for the hundredth time. 
He had been winding me and Niall up for ages saying 'we are here' making us jump up and almost get out.  
"Are we really?" I asked.
"Yes" Dean replied.

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