You changed me, almost.

A year and a half has passed and I am trying to cope with my twins. They have changed me,Almost.
I may still be the same girl inside but I am fighting to be a good mum.

It is my birthday in 2 weeks and my dad's tour ends in 1 week. They are coming home to see me. It will be the first time the have seen me in a year and a half. It will be the first time ever they have seen my children.


11. Birthday

I woke up to a high pitch screaming. I stumbled over to the crib that Devon was laying in. I picked her up and cradled her in my arms. I sung her 'little thing by one direction'. 
"Shut her up" Jersey complained throwing a pillow at me.
"I am trying." I said. 
Eventually she stopped crying and I placed her back in her crib. I fell back in my bed and check the time. It was 7am. 
"Where you drinking yesterday?" I asked Jersey.
"Yeah. Why?" She replied.
"I didn't hear you come in last night." I mumbled.
Jersey had become a heavy drinker after her one of her close friend(jess) and boyfriend (eddy) both killed themselves. I have been worried about her. 
I got up because I just couldn't go back to sleep and pulled my suitcase out from under my bed. It was my birthday today and I was leaving at lunch so I had to pack.
I folded my clothes into the suitcase and shoved my shoes in there. I left one pair of clothes and shoes for me, Faith and Devon. 
"Are you really leaving?" Jersey asked pulling herself out of bed. 
"Yeah I am." I said walking out the room.
I grabbed some aspirin and a glass of water and handed them to Jersey when I walked back in the room.
"Cheers" Jersey muttered swallowing the water and tablet together.
"When will the boys be here?" She asked.
"In about 2 hours." I sighed looking at my phone.
Louis brought me a new one because my last one got snatched. It was 7:30 am.
"I will miss you babe." Jersey said hugging me.
"So will I" I said.
"I want to go with you so much." Jersey said.
"I want you to come too. I will be living there for 5 years and then we might come back or stay there." I said pouting.
"This is totally not fair." Jersey moaned.
"Oh well it is my birthday I am 16 let's be happy." I said.
"OMG" She squealed "I have to go get everyone."
I quickly got changed and so did Jersey. I then changed Faith and Devon.

I ran downstairs and and jumped on the sofa. Everyone followed me downstairs. Bethany and brittany were holding Devon and Faith. I was handed a bunch of cards and  and a box of presents were placed on the floor.
"Thank you everyone." I smiled.
I opened all of the cards most of them were from old family friends and old friends from school. From the cards I got about £30 and then I opened all my presents one by one. 

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