I'll Remember



1. I'll Remember

I'll look through the glass window
Stare as you hold hands
The smile in your eyes
The happiness she gives you
I'll remember when I could do that

I'll lean against the front door 
Stare you both collide
The snow on her face 
The love-struck grace  
I'll remember when that was me

I'll sit on the front porch 
Stare as you giggle with glee
The fire between you two
The ice between us
I'll remember what I did

I'll walk into the house 
Stare at the items on the pegs
The hook that held your coat
The hook that now holds his
I'll remember that there is you 

I'll grab a cup of tea 
Stare at the pictures before me
The happiness in my eyes
The adoration in yours
I'll always remember that there was us 

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