1 christmas wish

well, I cant really say much about is because it would spoil it so you just have to read it and see


2. Chapter 2

We walked along another road, down to our favourite café.

"do you want anything?"

"can I have a black forest hot chocolate please, Dan?" 

ten minutes later he came back, with my hot chocolate, on the top was a whit foam, with a heart sprinkled on top with that powder that everyone loves.

"I got it for you, I made sure he did it"

we must have sat in there for hours, watching everyone else go in and out and in and out, but when it was closing, we left for my house.

"mind if I stay at your house?"

"sure, just gonna text my mum to tell her because you know what she's like"

suddenly, he held up some mistletoe, and kissed me again.

we got home at about 9pm, and when we got home, my mum had a table of little treats for us all to eat, they had waited just for us.

"don't thank me, thank your boyfriend, this was his idea"

and, we must have been up till about 1am, dancing, partying and eating little nibbles, by the time we got to bed we were shattered. he kissed me once more, and then we fell asleep.


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