1 christmas wish

well, I cant really say much about is because it would spoil it so you just have to read it and see


1. chapter 1

 I held his hand. I knew I would remember this, walking through the snow on Christmas eve, with my boyfriend. he stopped.

"what's wrong?"

"I'm just checking."

"checking what?"

"that your eyes are still so perfect."

I laughed. we had been on at least 10 dates, but this felt so magical, it was just amazing to know that he cared about something. we walked over to our favourite spot, a tall wall that he has to life me to get me up on, and we sat down. it was starting to get dark, and I was getting colder. as I shivered, he took off his heavy winter coat, and put it around me, revealing his amazing tattoos.

"have you ever noticed the way stars look like if you join up the dots?"

"no, why?"

"you see that cloud of stars? I named the constellation 'liaopolis', for you"

at that moment, I felt a magicalness come over me, and he kissed me, we'd been together 10 months, and it was our first kiss.

"I love you, Lia."

"I love you too, Dan."




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