It Was Fate (Austin Mahone fanfic)

What happens when Marisa bumps into the one and only Austin Mahone at the jingle ball concert. Will they stay friends or fall in love?


1. Your lying! Right? Ch1

"Shayna!!" I yelled. My best friend had just come back from vacation. I was standing in the airport not having to wait any longer for my best friend. We've known each other since we could crawl. We called each other twins because people said that we looked so much alike. But anyways! Shayna ran to me with her bags dragging behind her. She dropped them the instant she stood in front of me. It had been two weeks since i had seen her. She went to Hawaii with her brother and parents. I sucked her into a hug.

"Uh Marisa!!! I can't breath!"

"Sorry" I said looking at the floor. We looked at each other then started laughing. That's the thing with us we can't stop laughing.

"Hey Marisa?" Shayna asked me.


"So you know how Austin Mahone is coming here for jungle ball?"

"Yeah what about it?"

"My mom may or may not of gotten us tickets." She said starting to freak out. Her inner fan girl coming out. We had both been mahomies since he posted his second cover on YouTube.

"Your lying! Right?"

"Nope we go tomorrow"

*AN: Hey! So this is my first movella. Do you guys like it so far? I know that it's short but I am laying in bed with whooping cough so I just wanted to write this real quick. One comment or like if you want more? Bye guys!

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