It Was Fate (Austin Mahone fanfic)

What happens when Marisa bumps into the one and only Austin Mahone at the jingle ball concert. Will they stay friends or fall in love?


2. Prep for the best day of my life Ch2

OMG!!! I CAN NOT believe that I will be going to the jingle ball with my best friend Shayna TOMORROW!!! What am I going to wear? How will I do my hair? I was freaking out pacing around my room.

"Earth to Marisa! Chill out! We can figure this out."

"Marisa!" My mom yelled up the stairs.

"Yeah mom?"

"Is shayna staying for dinner?"

"Yeah mom!"

"Well then come down stairs. Dinner is ready!"

I loved my mom she is so nice. Her and my step dad were always so supportive of me. I know what you're thinking. "What about your dad?" Well my dad and mom got divorced when I was in second grade. They both got remarried when I was in fifth grade. I just don't talk to my dad very much anymore. After he had my baby brother with to step mom I sort was pushed out of the picture so I came and lived with my mom full time. (Oh I forgot to introduce myself sorry I got a little excited. My name is Marisa. If you couldn't tell already. I'm 17 and am a senior in high school. I have brunette hair with natural dirty blonde highlights mid back length and blue eyes about 5'8". My best friend is Shayna (again if you couldn't tell) she's also 17 she is almost 18 and she is also a senior in high school. She has brown hair which is shoulder length and green eyes about 5'6". We both attend Westminster high school. Okay now on with my excitement.)

Me and Shayna looked at each other and pushed past one and other to race downstairs to see who could get there first it's just something that we always did. When we were running I tripped Shayna and she dragged me down with her. Laughing harder than I should've I hopped up and ran down the stairs. My mom looked at me like I was crazy. Then here comes Shayna sprinting down the stairs and tackling me in the middle of the hallway!! We both start laughing until we couldn't breath.

"I knew since the day you two met that you were meant to be sisters but neither of us moms could handle both of you at the same time all the time" my mom said chuckling. We all sat down to eat. We had conversations about Shayna's trip and about what things we are going to do when we get older. "Mom I need to tell you somethi-" my mom cut me off "oh honey I already know that you and shayna are going to jingle ball tomorrow. Audrey (Shayna's mom) called me the day she bought the tickets. Have fun honey." Man did I love her.

After we finished eating me and shayna ran upstairs.

"Is it cool if I spend the night?" Shayna asked

"I'm sure it is just let's go ask my mom. Or we could just yell downstairs. MOM!!! CAN SHAYNA SPEND THE NIGHT?"

"Yes Marisa!"

Me and shayna high five each other.

Now just to pick what to wear

*AN: I just posted this story today and it already has 2 reads! Thanks guys! I'll try to update tonight or tomorrow.*

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