It Was Fate (Austin Mahone fanfic)

What happens when Marisa bumps into the one and only Austin Mahone at the jingle ball concert. Will they stay friends or fall in love?


9. Ch 6

"Omg I am so excited! What if austin talks to us!" Shayna said while basically screaming her head off.

"I. Would. Die." I replied as we got out of the car. We were walking while saying what we would do as certain things happened such as if austin bumped into us or we met Ariana grande. I was about to text my mom telling her that we made it safely when someone bumped into me and made my Starbucks drink go all over me. "Great. Just great." I said angrily

"I'm so sorry. I didn't see you." A very familiar voice said.

"No no. It's okay I'll just run back home and get a new outfit. No biggie. I promise." I said and looked up. "What your you-r"

"Austin Mahone. Yeah haha. I get that a lot." He smiled his signature smile. I think I just died.

"Well this definitely not how I imagined meeting my idol." I laughed nervously. "BUT! I'm glad I did!" I definitely 'bumped' into Austin.

"Well if it makes anything better I'm sorry and I'll buy you a new drink and get you a new outfit." He replied sounding genuine.

"No it's not a big deal. I only live 5 minutes away." I said trying to sound kind.

"No I insist. Let me just tell someone that I'm leaving and I'll be back. Okay? Don't go anywhere!"

"Alright." I answered with a smile.

"You. Are. So. Lucky Marisa!!!" Shayna screamed. Which caused a few heads including Austin's to turn our direction. I smacked her arm lightly and Austin grinned and did a little laugh.

"Shut up Shayna! Everyone's watching us!"

"Well maybe because you just met Austin Mahone! And I mean THE Austin Mahone!!"

"Okay, okay I get it. But my heart is beating so fast I think it's going to come out of my chest." I sighed grinning. We heard footsteps coming towards us and we turned our heads where they were coming from.

"Okay guys I'm back. Let's go yeah?"

"Yeah." Me and Shayna replied in unison.


Hey guys! I feel so so so so so so bad about not updating but I haven't been the best lately and haven't wanted to do anything. So I hope you guys enjoyed even though it's super short.

Twitter, Instagram and YouTube: itsmarisabroyo

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