Half Blood Heroes: The Desirables

A sequel to Half Blood Heroes (By my friend @maceo Check it out before you read this. She's amazing). The children of the demigods must join together to find something that has been lost. Lost by one of them. One of them that does not know. Lost by the Granddaughter of Zeus.


2. The Past is in the Past

Luke gripped the arms of his throne. The pains in his head were getting worse. Kronos was taking over his body, destroying him slowly. He fingered the bead in his pocket. His grim smile flickered. "Hey!" He yelled his own voice muffled by Kronos's. He gestured at an  empousai across the grand hall. "I am Going to my quarters " she nodded and Kronos swept out of the room. "Great" thought Luke. He forced his hand down to his pocket and yanked out the string. He pulled it over his head, Kronos resisting. Luke saw all the memories at camp half blood flash before his eyes. He coughed. His own voice echoed through the halls. He grinned to himself and smiled down at the pink and red swirling bead on his neck. He ran through the corridors towards an old car parked outside on the curb. "Ok son of Hermes. Lets see what I can do" he shoved his hand into the car handle and pulled. A look of satisfaction spread across his face as the lock clicked and he climbed inside. 


The hospital was cleaner than he expected. The nurses looked at him strangely as he strided to the maternity ward. "I'm 21 ok?!" He yelled at them. He hadn't felt this free for a long time. He pushed open the ward doors and pulled out the flowers he had bought in his messenger bag. Thalia's face lit up. "You came!" She grinned tears in her eyes. She was lying in bed her stomach swollen no nurses or doctors in the room. "Hey, I wouldn't miss this for the world" he smiled softly lifting her chin up. "Im breaking the rules" she said glumly. "Huntress.. Yeah." Luke replied scratching his head. "I'll be fine" she muttered. "The worst is I could die" she smiled. Luke laughed. "Be quiet" he managed to spurt.  Thalia's eyes widened. She winced and yelled. Luke took her hand and squeezed it kneeling beside her bed. Doctors and midwives ran in and started helping her. "Luke..!" She yelled. "ARGHHH!" He squeezed her hand tighter. "It's ok, I'm here"


She let out one last yell. The doctors turned around and started washing and cleaning the child. Thalia sunk down onto her pillow red in the face. "Ugh" she groaned. "Does my hair still look good?" She asked smiling faintly. Luke laughed and turned round. They were holding a baby girl with piercing blue eyes. He took it from them and handed it to Thalia. She smiled and rocked the baby in her arms. " Dynami " Thalia whispered "power"


The little girl ran speedily through the house. Her black hair flying behind her. "Dynami!" Thalia yelled. We have to go. "But why mummy? Why do we always have to go? Its sooo boring!" She retorted her arms folded.  Thalia picked up her daughter and tickled her. "Because something bad is going on and we huntresses have to stop it. Now go and pack your bag" the girl ran off. Thalia picked up a photograph. "Why Luke.. Why did you have to die?" She whispered blinking back tears.

Once the huntresses arrived at the camp, Thalia hid Dynami in a nearby cave. "Stay here," She said, "And don't you ever take that bead off!"



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