100 things wrong with books

helloooooo! I was bord soooo I made this book. its about everything wrong with books. funny.


1. 1-10

1. when people keep changing whos point of view the story is in.


toms pov

i went to the shop

lucys pov

i was playing monopoly

toms pov

i bought some bacon

yeah ^^^ really annoying. just make up your mind allready!

2. when people say 'orbs' instead of eyes.


i looked into his blue orbs as he leaned in closer...

like... what are talking about mate?

3.when people cant write properly


"h1!" I siad wehn i got hoem. "0h h3ll0 t0mmi3 b0y!"

learn how to write...idiot

4. when the front cover has nothing to do with the story... at all!

the story might be about deep romance... and look, theres pocahontas.

5. when there are authors comments right in the middle of a story.

tom was coming home when, ( A/N: tom lives in Australia) the monster jumped out and ate him.


6. when there is a sentance that doesnt make any sence.


tom was and mum cooked lucy for beak-lunch when i replaced dads head with a chicken, and we exited the supermarket.

yep, i totally understood that...

7.where instead of spaces there is this:


in my head that sounds like a robot.

8.when there is a book that when you click it to read, comes up with this:


does it really take you that long to write a story?

9. when the characters are annoying sluts and the writer thinks its cool...

10.when people have a book and, well heres an example:


(book title^) i hate it how there are steriotypes (probably spelt that wrong<) in these kind of books. They should change the title to 'Big Book of Steriotypes'




Well i hope you liked it, thought it was funny or whatever. I hope i didnt offend anyone, im just doing this out of boredom.


~the tomboy wednesday


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