The Unknown Order

The circle of elements is the main defence against vampires with the most powerful hunters,sorcerers,demons oh and the DEAD! Next to that there is also an Unknown Order who runs the whole world.
The epic battle begins with a new and unexpected adversary.


21. Natalie the pet owner

Bones had a pet gerbil. Natalie had to look after it. Bones hadn't wanted to trust Natalie because she was the least responsible person in the world but all the others were busy with missions. Natalie had over fed the gerbil and now it looked like a fat rat. She also lost it in the garden when she was planting flowers. She had dropped a scoop of dirt on the fat gerbil and put a flower on it. People with brains would have thought it was a grave but to Natalie it was a pot plant and the gerbil was playing. Fortunately she had forgotten all about it and wasn't there when Bones got back. He still had a trip in Greece to finish. The gerbil got out and ran away. Natalie thought it went hunting for nuts. As for Raven's cat, she left food and water there and the little black cat was smart enough to scratch Natalie and scare her away so it could not get injured. We can all safely say that Natalie is the single most irresponsible person in the world.

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