The Unknown Order

The circle of elements is the main defence against vampires with the most powerful hunters,sorcerers,demons oh and the DEAD! Next to that there is also an Unknown Order who runs the whole world.
The epic battle begins with a new and unexpected adversary.


12. A crash

Bones wasn't exactly the safest person in the world. He had forgotten to tighten Shannon's safety harness. Shannon crashed into the glass cabinet that contained the weapons with a scream as the were-wolves stared at her. "Bones!" Yelled Raven. "She might die you idiot!" Yelled Raven. The were-wolves looked up. "Great, now they know we're here." Said Bones. The two jumped in and landed beside Shannon. Raven focused on kicking the closest wolves while Bones sent a blast of lightning at the others. One scratched Shannon on the cheek. She immediately sat up, her eyes glowing red. "Step away or you die. Hand over my sword" said Shannon as she hovered above the cabinet. The were-wolves stared in awe. Shannon took the sword and it gleamed with a black colour. She sliced a were-wolf in half. Blood splattered the ground and two were-wolves lunged at her. She kicked one in the face and punched the other. They both instantly collapsed. The were-wolves howled. She knew that sound. They were calling for backup. A beam exploded in the room and the were-wolves that remained died instantly died. "Were-wolves..not as entertaining as they used to be" said Shannon as she wiped the blood from her cheek. Then everything blacked out.

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