Dreams aren't what the used to be. Marley's family is so worried about just because she dies in every single dream she has. She's sick of it. Especially of the fact that she keeps falling for the guy that always betrays her. In each new world he never remembers her but they always meet. The funny thing is that they've never met in real life. Marley hates his guts as well as loving him to bits but what happens when one day, it's not a dream? And this is all real...


2. 1

There was a beginning before the ending. What you just read was one of my many dreams that seem to reoccur. Mum's taken me to psychologists and friends who she thinks might be able to help but they never stop. I think mum's more worried that I die in every single dream. There is some sense in that.

Anyway, that particular day my arm felt sore. It was almost as if I actually had had that needle stuck into my arm. That's usually how it goes though. I experience similar feelings to when I'm sleeping. Mum and dad were at the kitchen table and making themselves mugs of coffee. I slipped into a chair and started munching on an apple sitting in the nearby fruit bowl. It wasn't until mum started giving me her worried look did I realise that I'd been rubbing my bicep.

What's wrong?” Mum asked.

Nothing,” I replied quickly, trying not to show my obvious discomfort.

Mum looked at dad. Dad looked at mum. They both looked at me. I looked back.

Really. I'm fine. Nothing to worry about. You can relax.” I pulled my shirt sleeve down and stood.

You had another dream didn't you?” Dad said flatly.


You know, Marley, you can tell us. We'll listen.”

And then send me off to the 'men in white coats'.”

No we-”

I sighed and retreated into my bedroom again. On days like this you just can't put up with questions. My head soon sunk into the white embrace of the pillow and I lay listening to the birds outside my window and the quiet voices of my parents chatting about what they should do. In the end I'll probably get hungry, go down to get some more breakfast, we'll say sorry to eachother and then everything will be fine like it always is.


My counseling appointment was later that day when it was ridiculously hot. The building was air conditioned but it barely made a difference. Sweat was pouring down my face as I tried ever so hard not to say something rash to 'Rein' my psychologist. She's one of those people that dress casually all the time and has her hair choppy and short.

So. Can I please see your most recent injuries, Marley?” Rein asked gently.

I held out my arm for her to see. The skin was riddled with spatters of purple and yellow and sickly green.

Does it hurt when I touch them?” A gentle prod sent agony shooting through my nerves.

I nodded.

Do you still have the injuries from last time? The scratch for example. Is it still bleeding?”

There was only dried blood under my jean leg. So my scratch was healing. But that didn't help me. It was still there. “It doesn't cause me any pain anymore.”

Right,” Rein said softly. “So has anything new happened? What setting was it this time? Have you met anyone I should know about?”

I was in the present of some sort,” I explained impatiently. “Sort of like a different society to our own but in the same time. And I was Lost again. And I fell in love with Grey again! Why do I do it? It's weird...I'm so angry.” I hated myself for that. Every single time I knew I couldn't trust him and yet I did.

Rein sifted through her massive pile of papers as if she was looking for something. Finally she smiled and handed me a sheet with big letters that read: Dream Diary.

Seriously? She was expected to keep a Dream Diary?

I want you to keep track of your dreams okay?” Rein said. “Write down what you see. Who's in it. Everything. We'll look at it next time you visit.”

Her face told me I didn't have an option of whether I wanted to or not. “Okay,” I agreed.

Good!” Rein's smile returned. “See you next week then.”

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