EsperSoul: Game Of Lights (Snippet, English)

A snippet of a bigger project I'm having in mind.
The snippet is in english but I speak danish, so the grammar isn't the best, please try bear with it :-)

It's a snippet in the middle of a chapter, not evne the start. Just felt like throwing it in here. Please do comment if you read this and think anything of it at all, you are very welcome to correct my English too


1. In the classroom [SNIPPET]

Will immediately recognized her, as she walked into the room. She was a tall girl, with short, dark red dyed hair and green eyes. Her eyebrows were in a perfect thin line above her eyes, which were framed with a black line of eyeliner and her long eyelashes was made even longer with a thick layer of mascara. She was pierced through her ears several places and was wearing a collar-like black necklace which matched the rest of her dark themed look; a dark blue long sleeved tshirt, black jeans and high heeled black boots. She was definitely a eyecatcher with her dark clothes and jewelry, spiked styled hair and marylin monroe-like body figure. If it had not been for yesterdays incident, he would definitely have thought of her as a hot beauty. But Will only felt a terrifying fear, as she strolled across the floor and stopped beside the teacher. He was desperately trying to look at Jake in the corner of his eye, but could not catch his face expression. She presented herself as Jaqueline Theron

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