Always be mine

What happens when teen hot band group One Direction comes back to Doncaster and Louis meets his old group of friends and girlfriend read and find out


3. chapter 3

Niall's POV

I heard Natalie's friend yell upstairs about me being here. The door opened and revealed a dark haired girl wearing blue skinning jeans and a tonight alive black shirt. She had earphones in and then she noticed us. She gave us all death glares and saw the Oreos on the couch she ran upstairs. "What" we heard someone yell from upstairs. Then Natalie, Louis, Beth , and their two friends can downstairs. " what's wrong" Liam asked. " oh nothing it was just Brooke" Natalie said giggling. " oh ok" Liam said. " can we get food now Liam" I asked pouting. " fine what do you want nialler" he asked waiting for my answer. "Nandos nandos" I screamed." Fine who's coming" Liam asked. I was never allowed because of my appetite. Everyone said yes except me, Natalie,Louis , and Natalie's friend." Bye" Liam said as he walked out the door. Natalie's friend went up stairs a while ago. "Aimee Get your but down here or I will eat your chips" Natalie screamed up the stairs. " I'm coming" she yelled coming down the stairs. Aimee sat next to me and their was an very awkward silence. "So" Louis killed the silence. " oh Aimee this is Niall, Niall this is Aimee" Natalie said introducing us. " hey" Aimee said quietly. Natalie went to have a shower. So that left Aimee, Louis, and me. " so Aimee how have you been" Louis asked. Aimee just sat their and said nothing an then she opened her mouth. " just because nat forgave you doesn't mean I agree with her" Aimee snapped. Aimee pulled out her phone and started texting someone by the look of it. " who you texting" I asked cheekily. " I'm not I'm writing a story" she said focusing back on her phone. " what about" I asked curiously. "Nothing" she said putting it away. I tackled her to the ground and pulled out her phone. She screamed Natalie came down stairs in a towel an had a baseball bat. Louis looked at her questionable. " where did you get a baseball bat" Louis asked. " we have them all over the house " she said. " why" he asked. " cause we're not stupid" she said. Louis looked hurt and nat looked at Niall on Aimee. "Niall get off or prepared to be knocked out" Natalie screeched at me. I quickly jumped off. Nat went upstairs and came back down wearing spongebob boxers and a Cody Simpson t shirt. Louis and Natalie went up into her room. I sighed and it went into an awkward silence.

Louis's POV

We went into Natalie's room and we were lying on her bed. I sighed and looked at Natalie lying on my stomach. " what's wrong Lou" she asked. " it's just Aimee hates me" I said sighing. " don't worry she will warm up to you" Natalie said winking. We heard a car pull up Natalie ran to the window. " oh shit" she said running down stairs. We found Niall and Aimee snogging on the couch" keep it G rated" Natalie screeched. She ran to the door as Niall and Aimee snapped out of it. I winked at Niall and he put his finger up.

Nat's POV

I opened the door to see Nicole. " hey" I said. "Hi what's up" she asked. " uhh err well onedirectionisstayingwithus,don'thurtme" I blurted out. " why would I hurt you i mean its one direction and they are here hello??? Hot guys in our house" she laughed. I let her in and she went up into her room and came back down. " where is Liam's suitcase" Nicole asked wide eyed. " uhh in the dining room why" Louis asked. Before she answered she ran into the room. I went followed her and Louis. Nicole was digging through suitcases. " what colour is his" she asked. "That one" Louis pointed hesitantly. She dived for it and searched through it. She found a pile of shirts and started to dig for a blue one and screamed in victory. " i am victorious" sh.e said in triumph.

Hey guys its Nat I should have a couple more chapters up tommorow night stay awesome

Nat xxxxx

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