Always be mine

What happens when teen hot band group One Direction comes back to Doncaster and Louis meets his old group of friends and girlfriend read and find out


1. chapter 1

Nat's backstory/POV

Hi my name is Natalie Gower and I have lived in Doncaster for 5 years. 2 years ago Louis my boyfriend left to audition for X factor. Now Louis is part of the girl gurgling boy band one direction. He hasn't visited since then, apparently he is coming on break for a year back to Doncaster. They will be doing interviews and concerts but that's about it. Everyone that was close to him now hates him I say good luck Louis. I am now 20 years old and share a double storey with my best friends Aimee, Beth, Brooke, and Nicole.

Nat's POV


I woke up just after 8am when the doorbell rang all my friends were at work. I finally got my day off. I chucked on a light blue midriff top and a pair of black ripped skinny jeans. I ran down stairs and answered the door. My friend Nicole stood their with an shocked expression on her face. " why didn't you use your house key" I questioned. " uh..hmm I forggggoot it" she stuttered. " what's wrong nicki" I asked with a worried look on my face. " I iiiiii saw onnnnee dddirec...tion at the mmall" she bluttered out. " oh shit really" I asked shocked. Nicole didn't know about the incident she arrived after Louis left so she was a massive fan but me and my friends instantly feel in live with her. " how is that bad it is amazing" she said jumping around. " we'll you see I dated Louis for 3 years before he became famous but he just picked up and left" I said pacing around the room. " why didn't you tell me" nicki questioned. " cause it isn't a big deal" I said. " omg yes it is I mean I could steal Liam Payne's shirt" she looked at me serious. I started to laugh my guts out. Nicole said" I have to go to my parents place I will be back soon" I hugged Nicole and she walked over to her red Farrah. I waved her goodbye and went back inside. I grabbed Oreos and potato chips off our massive piles in the cupboard and went in the lounge and started to play halo. The doorbell rang again. So I paused halo and made my way to the door. I opened it and stated face to face with none other than one direction. " hi miss we are looking for Natalie Gower" a curly haired boy said. " WHY , WHO ASKED LOUIS THE DUMBASS TO COME BACK OR EVEN CONTACT ME OR HIS FRIENDS IN 2 DAMN YEARS AND I AM SORRY SIR SHE IS NOT HERE SO PISS OFF" I said bitterly. " then why did you refer to yourself as Natalie miss" he snapped back cheekily. "Shit sorry cant talk to strangers bye now" I slammed the door in his face. The kept knocking and yelling " please open up". " I'm sorry strangers but I have a feeling the blonde one will eat my food " I said scrambling for my phone on the couch. I rang Beth knowing she probably would be finished work by now. " hello Oreo god speaking" Beth's voice rang into the phone. " Beth it's nat are you nearly home" I blurted out. " yeah be their in 1 minute tops why" she questioned. " do me a favour park around the back and come in the kitchen door" I begged through the phone. " ok why" she asked again. " no time to explain" I said hanging up. She came in 30 seconds later thinking someone ate all the food. " Beth calm down it's Louis he is at the door with one direction trying to get in" I heard the faint banging on the door. " WHAT??!! ok let's just calm down I will go talk to them" Beth said rather calmly.

Hey guys hope you enjoyed this chapter I will try and update at least twice a week. Vote and comment your thoughts

Nat xxx

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