One Direction Imagines! :)

I write imagines for people so if you want one just comment with your name, and the boy you want (if there is a certain plot you want, leave that too!) I do imagines about all the boys so yeah :)


1. Harry Imagine- You Paint His Nails

Harry Imagine- You Paint His Nails

I pulled up to the house that my boyfriend, Harry and I shared, in my burgundy red BMW. We lived in a very nice house, it was a reasonable size with three bedrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a nice garage. The garden wasn't too over the top, but we had a nice deck and great big lawn! we had a concreted area which was surrounded by hedges and rose bushes.

Harry was in One Direction, the worldwide famous boy band that had become famous through the British branch of The X Factor. Harry earned a lot of money. I was in university doing two degrees. History and counselling. I wanted to become a full time history teacher, and a part time guidance counsellor.

I dropped my handbag as I closed the front door behind me.
"Harry, I'm home!" I call out. No answer. Harry should be home, he said he only had to go to the recording studio for a few hours today. He said he'd be back by now. I check the kitchen, he's not there. I check the bedroom, but he's not their either. I end up finding him asleep on the couch in one of the living rooms. The TV is still blearing in the background. I smile too myself as I watch Harry snoring peacefully. He was so cute!

Suddenly, I had an idea. A cheeky idea, but still an idea. I went to the bathroom in me and Harry's bedroom, and grabbed my bag of nail polish. I took it through to the living room, setting it on the floor and pulling a chair up to the couch Harry was sleeping on. I reached inside my bag, and looked for the right colour. I eventually picked hot pink, and purple. Perfect! I took the hot pink one first and very carefully took one of Harry's large hands. I painted every second nail with a thick coat of hot pink polish. I then did the same with his other hand. I took the purple, and went through the whole process again. Soon enough I was done, and was hoping that he would stay asleep long enough for them to dry. Now I just have to wait...I pack my nail polish into the bag and leave the bag on the floor so that he can see it when he wakes up. I put the chair back in its place and go to find something to do.

I go into the bathroom again, and take my hair out of it's ponytail and let it hang loose. I change out of the clothes I had worn to uni, and change into some more comfy clothes; jean short shorts with some pre-designed rips and a white tank top that hung on me nicely. I take the book that I am reading at the moment, and go to sit at the bench while I read.



About 20 minutes later, I hear movement in the living room. I smile to myself but keep focused on my book. I hear Harry wake and sit up.
"Y/N?" Harry calls.
"I'm here!" I say, and Harry trudges through to the kitchen to find me.
"Hey love, sorry I was asleep! You should've woken me!" He says, walking over to me.
"Oh, it's alright. You were tired!" I tell him. He clearly hasn't seen his nails yet. He stands behind me and wraps his arms around my waist, resting his chin on my shoulder.
"How was your day?" He asks me.
"It was good! I love uni!" I tell him. He grins at me. "How was yours?" I ask.
"Ah, same old, same old," He says. "We're getting this album moving nicely though."
"That's good to hear!" I reply. Poor Harry still hasn't seen his nails. I try to stop my giggles as I think about the pink and purple polish all over his nails, but one small giggle escapes my lips.
"What's funny?" Harry asks, kissing behind my ear.
"Nothing, babe." I say. Harry stops kissing me and I turn around in my seat to face him. He raises is eyebrows at me, making me giggle again.
"Y/N, tell me what you're giggling about!" Harry says, playfully annoyed. I giggle, and lean in placing a kiss on his cheek.
"You're a very heavy sleeper." I say, winking at him.
His eyes widen at me. "What did you do?" He asks.
"You'll find out." I say, sliding out of his grasp and walking towards the living room. He follows me. I look at him, and then nod towards the bag of nail polish. He follows my gaze, and immediately looks down at his nails.
He gasps, looking up at me and then back at his bright nails. I just stand there giggling. He gives me the "you shouldn't have done that" look. I take a step towards him and wrap my arms around his neck as he continues to give me the look.
"I think it looks quite good on you." I tease.
"Very funny, Y/N. You're going to pay for this!" Harry says, wrapping his arms tightly around my waist. I soon realise that he's wrapped his arms around me so tightly that I can't get away.
"Harry! Let go!" I say, giggling.
"Not a chance." He says. He's the one smirking now. Suddenly he picks me up and playfully throws me on the couch. He sits on me, straddling my hips.
"Harry! You're heavy!" I say, shoving at his chest. He just laughs, my shoves are too weak to push him off. Suddenly I feel his hands tickling my sides. I burst into fits of laughter.
"Harryyyyyyyy! Stahp! Hahaha!" I beg for him to stop.
"No way, gorgeous." He says, smirking down at me. I shove at his hands. He takes my hands and pins them above my head with one hand, he continues to tickle me with his free hand.
"Harry, pleeeaseeee!" I squeal between laughs.
"Say that you regret painting my nails!" He says.
"Never!" I say.
"Fine then." Harry replies. He takes my hands and pins them down on either side of my stomach. He uses both hands to pin me down. He then uses his teeth to lift the fabric of my top up so that my stomach is bare. He lowers his head, and presses his lips to my stomach, blowing a huge raspberry on my tummy.
"Harryyyy! Noooo!" I squeal. "Okay, okay! I regret painting your nails! Please stop!" I beg. Harry immediately stops, and lifts his head up to smirk at me.
"You're adorable," Harry says, leaning down to kiss me.



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