Iris, a 19 year old girl, retells the story of her past. She has struggled the difficulties of being different in a society where you must belong in one place and one place only. Divergence has made her life difficult and at sometimes, unbearable, but now she is determined to leave behind this terrible world and a boy who broke her heart.


5. Chapter Five

I got to the fence, two more dauntless where there. I recognized one of them as Lynn, she was a good friend. I shot her in the calf, I barely grazed her leg. I didn't know who the guy was but he was running towards me with his knife but before he could do anything I says bed him in his stomach.

I climbed the wall, I was out. I think had sprained my ankle but I didn't care. I just ran for at least an hour and a half. I was at a slow jog, pretty much walking, when someone came up to me, it was Amar. He took to this building called o'hare airport, the place I would later find both of Tris' books. She didn't mention me so I knew that Toby had never told her about me, from what I can tell she's the kind of person that would mention someone like me.

Sometime later Toby and Tris arrived with a couple other friends. Toby was the only one who recognized me but it was too late.

"You never told her about me," I said.

"No, but I will," he said.

"Forget it. I'm switching stations," I said.

"It's okay, I should tell her. I don't mind."

"You don't mind?" I laughed, "well good for you but it hurts me too much. I saw you too sneaking around, you ran away when I almost died, and I wasn't important enough for you to tell her. I know you're not going to tell her if you don't have to so whatever, but I'm leaving."

"I miss you." He hugged me for a long time and kissed me cheek. I ran my fingers through his hair then pushed him away.

"It's too late Four."

"You never call me Four."

"Bye Toby, I'll miss you." I walked to Amar's room. He let me crash there and the next morning Dan transferred me to JFK. Not as exciting as divergent and insurgent but still, it's my story. I'm glad you cared about it. Now I spend my days managing another experiment. When these people turn 16 they fill out personality tests and we match opposites together hoping they have unique children, sort of like the divergent.

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