Iris, a 19 year old girl, retells the story of her past. She has struggled the difficulties of being different in a society where you must belong in one place and one place only. Divergence has made her life difficult and at sometimes, unbearable, but now she is determined to leave behind this terrible world and a boy who broke her heart.


1. Chapter 1

I'm sitting at the table with My older brother Aaron.

"You'll do fine," said Aaron reassuring me. Today was the final day of school, the day that decided my future, the day of the aptitude test. Aaron stayed in Erudite but I'm not sure if I'm getting bored of it or not. I just don't feel the need to know everything all the time.

"Iris Lancaster," called a voice. I walked into one of the testing rooms. A dauntless lady with a tattoo of a bird on the back of my neck was there.

"Hi! I'm Tori," she said, "so what's gonna happen is I'm gonna inject you with this serum and you'll be in that chair. When you wake up I'll tell you your results."

Tori walked up to me with a syringe filled with some kind of purple liquid. "This is the newest version of the serum, the old one ended up giving you a headache. This one will make you feel dizzy, Erudite is working on that."

I sat in the chair and Tori injected the serum in me. Straight away I could feel my heart race and my eyes close and then blackness.

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