2nd Direction

Everyone everywhere has heard about the famous boy and One Direction. Well. One day a little girl ,named Maddessenne, writes a letter to them. (Madde is 8) What happens when the boys read the letter?


3. 3

Niall's POV:


"Honeys I'm home!!!" Louis yelled through the flat. "Lou, you know you could just say 'Hello!'" Harry said. "Well that's no fun. Now is it?" I just laughed at the 2 boys and went into my room. When i walked in, I sat on the bed. Then my phone rang. It was text from Harry. 'Go check the mail, Please. Louis won't get his ass of me.' I just chuckled and replied 'Ok. You 2 dont have too much fun. ;)' "You are so perverted." I heard as I walked down the stairs. "But you love me!" I said back. (A/N That sounded like a coversation Louis and Niall would have. That was SOO weird to write... O_o) As i got the maili saw something that caught my eye. It was a letter and it was in a yellow envelope. I walked back through the door and walked straight to my room to open the letter.


Dear One Direction,

I want to thank you. For everything. When no was there. You were. You're the reason I'm still here. Sadly none of you will read this. But I want you to know that I will be at your concert this Saturday. I will stand out against everyone else. So you will know who I am. But thank you. And one day I hope to sing with you!! Well I love you!! And I know your secret. Because I have the same one. 





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