You Need Me, I Might Need You

We met and fell in love? No, I don't want a boyfriend, I want to be free. Not tied down. It wasn't something I wanted, I don't want a relationship, I don't want him. But the stars tell us different. His green eyes of shimmering kindness need to stay out of my head and his dimpled smile needs to get out of my mind. His chestnut locks keep getting wrapped up in my fingers and I don't know why. Here's the story that I wish hadn't of happened.

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2. Chapter 2

     My hair tossed and my hips swang as I moved my way behind the counter. The thump under my feet kept me hopping along as I filled requests. Taking mugs, rocking tequilas, blending Bloody Mary's, and refilling pints all while the music filled me. I always requested the latest shift; or the earliest depending on how you looked at it. I requested the darkest hours for the purpose satisfying the thirst of going out but also earning the money I need to  quench that thirst.

  I ditty-bopped around my work space, eyes constantly watching my figure. I look up from time to time, drinking in the dim lighting and sea of bodies in forever going wave. Even though I have only been legally allowed to be a bar maid until a few months ago I know others must think I've been mastering this trade for some years. I guess fake I.D.s do pay off in some way in that respect.

  A few people were shouting at me as I cleaned up a left over mess. With a wet rag in hand, I scrubbed the over spilt alcohol from a round of drunken cheers. As I scrubbed away, a large, warm hand landed over mine.

  Jerking away my hand harshly, I looked up with an upset, confused look on my features. Clear green orbs were locked on me and a pink lipped smile accompanied them. He seemed quite familiar but I couldn't place him. He looked at me as if he was waiting for something.

   "Can I help you?" I asked harshly as I threw the rag in the sudsy bucket and attend to the men who have been shouting 'Oi! Blondie!' to me when my hair color is no where near a light shade, let alone blonde. 

  "Didn't know you worked here." he stuck his big paws in his pockets, flicking his mop of hair out of his eyes. Looking him over, his torso covered by an old Rolling Stones tee. I cut my eyes at him. The bloke's smile never fading. 

  "And what made you think I didn't?" I asked him

   "Oh, nothing. I just didn't think bar maids would come to their own bar on a night off." He spoke. His dialect was slow and voice low.  I tilted my head in inquisition. I still couldn't place where he was from. He pulled his hands from his pockets and pulled a stool from under the counter and sat. Folding his arms over the counter he leaned in towards me, a smirk on his lips.

    I glanced around to assure I some time to speak to this bloke without being hustle and bustled.

   "Who are you?" I asked him

   "Hi," he stuck out one of his large hands, "I'm Harry." I looked at his hand as it stayed between us. "I'm glad to see your pretty face again. I hope you feel the same." His white teeth shined in the dingy space. I blinked at him, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Mhmm." I scoffed at him. His hand still between us he looked me over. My hair was a bit ratty as it approached three in the morning and my low cut blouse had a stain on it from a girl who 'accidently' tipped her drink on me. My eyeliner was probably smudged and I felt my face becoming a grease trap, but he still smiled at me.

   "I'd still like to take you out some time." 

    It clicked in my head then, and I know he saw my eyes brighten. He chuckled at my response to his comment.

    I took his hand lightly and shook it delicately.  

   "Ayo! Drinks! Now!" A loud voice boomed over the music, bringing me out of the depth of green I had been staring into. I quickly took back my hand and retreated to the man who called for me. I realized then a few people had actually been waiting for me attention. A few moments passed as I sank into the beat vibrating through the floor and let it move my body around my work space.

   I worked quickly to ensure their impatience wouldn't lead them to leaving bad tips. In two minutes, the ice bucket was more empty, the blender was going high speed and the clanking of mugs chirped in the background.

   "So tomorrow?" Harry's voice shouted over the noise. I looked up at him as he was still sitting there, watching me work.

   "What about tomorrow?" I asked him, sliding two shots to the girls behind me.

  "How about I take you out tomorrow night? Say I'd pick you up around seven?" he smiled widely. He leaned over the counter more as I came closer to him. He eyebrows raised as I leaned tilted my head towards him.

   "I work tomorrow night." I told him. 

   "How about the next night?" he asked


    "And the night after that?"


     "And when are you not working, hmm?" he raised an eyebrow again.

     "I am always working hot stuff." I leaned back. He chuckled again and leaned back on the stool. I could tell he was pondering something in his head. His eyes never leaving mine as he thought deliberately.

    "Well one day your going to have to go out with me." he sighed as he stood up, pushing in his seat. Hand scraped back his hair off his forehead. Harry's tongue ran out and moistened his lips as I laughed to myself.

  "You keep thinking that, Harry." I nodded as I turned away.






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