You Need Me, I Might Need You

We met and fell in love? No, I don't want a boyfriend, I want to be free. Not tied down. It wasn't something I wanted, I don't want a relationship, I don't want him. But the stars tell us different. His green eyes of shimmering kindness need to stay out of my head and his dimpled smile needs to get out of my mind. His chestnut locks keep getting wrapped up in my fingers and I don't know why. Here's the story that I wish hadn't of happened.

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1. Chapter 1

  We've been dancing all night. His arms around my waist and my small digits wrapped in his dark hair. Our bodies in sync to the thumping beneath our feet. The early morning hours pass with laziness. His eyes trail over my body with a slight haze. As my BAC rises and his hands grip tighter on my hip bones. I thrive. My pulse rises as he clutches me. Heart beats quicken and blood stirs through my veins at an unbelievable pace.

  He slowly spins me around so my back is pressed against his torso. I danced in place, swaying my hips to the fast tempo. I could feel him trying to protrude through his trousers. With feeling how much his body craved me I danced quicker and harder. Rubbing my arse against him, letting him know I was in agreement of passion. I laid my head back on his shoulder as I was getting drowsy. Lips assaulted my neck.

 Lazily, I rolled my head to the side letting him gain more access my hot skin.  He began to slur dirty promises into my ear and I gasped in excitement.

He spun me around to face him again. His glazed eyes locked with mine as he slowly backed away from me. He never turned his gaze away from me, leading me through the sea of people. Softly he nudged his way through the crowd. I followed his stare. Intensity filled the air with every step. I was blind to the world around me. Only focusing on the large pupils guiding my way. 

Breaking through the bodies I took his out stretched hand. He pulled me close.

"I'll call a cab." he whispered to me. Letting go of my hand I watched as he stumbled towards the door and pulled his phone from his trousers. I wandered over to the bar, tripping over my feet, and plopping myself on a stool. The skinny bar maid made her way over to me.

"Tequila." I told her. Her short brunette hair bounced as she turned on her heel to fetch my order. Laying my head down on the counter, I felt someone sit next to me. I put a smile on my face and looked up.

 He smiled back. I dropped the curve in my lips a bit, it wasn't who I thought it was going to be.

"Hi," he spoke almost clearly. "I'm Harry." he slid his long fingers through his silky hair.

I nodded to him as my drink appeared in front of me. I took it quickly to my lips and let it slid down my throat. The burn familiarly soothing.

"How are you?" Harry asked. I tilted my head to the side. It was a peculiar thing to ask at such an early hour in the morning. His eyes waited for my answer. He seemed very alert.

"I'm fine," I gargled. I looked back at the doorway. My guy had hit up a conversation with the bouncer; his blonde hair almost stark white in light from outside. Just by looking at him made me want him more. His black Polo fit snuggly to his torso, allowing my to see the outline of his marbled stomach. His arms sculpted well, and butt looked great in his tan trousers. He looked like a well made man. I was ready to find out how well he really was made.

"Who are you?" I was brought back to Harry's presence. He now had a glass bottle in his hand. I looked him over as well. He didn't size up to him muscularly but I could tell height wise he would tower him greatly. Harry's hair shone sleekly in the dim lighting and something about his bright gems intrigued me.

"Lainey." The syllables slowly spilled from my mouth. I took my bottom lip between my fingers. I wondered why it was moving slower than I wanted it to. He chuckled at me. Harry didn't say anything then, just watching me as I closed my eyes slowly.

  An old song that I used to listen to when I was a teen came over the speakers. It was now put to a quicker and deeper beat but every lyric played the same. My lips wrapped over the words, head leaning back, my body absorbing the vibrations bouncing off the walls.

 I felt a hand slid down my bare arm. I opened my eyes slightly to see Harry next to me. His eyes wide and mouth agape. His hand slid down my arm to my hand; lightly, he took it. He lead me off the stool and to an open area next to the bar. Still having my hand in his, his other was placed on my waist delicately.

 Slowly we hovered in a circle. We spun to the pace of the song. Not the one making my heart beat pulse along with the bass but the original version that I listened to years back, he knew it.

 Frequently, I stumbled over my feet but Harry's arms kept me weightless.

 "Do you wanna go?" I asked him. I looked up to see his clear eyes confused.

 "Do you want to get out of here," I turned his hand over and kissed his wrist, "go some place else?" I looked up again.

 "I-I um.." he sputtered as I kissed his wrist again. Our dancing slowed even more in the middle of the space. "I- I don't really- um. I don't do that- that kind of thing." he sucked in a harsh breath when I nibbled at the delicate skin on his wrist.

A hand landed heavy on my shoulder. I looked up to see the brown eyes I craved a while ago. His eyes still glossy.

I looked back at Harry who took back his hand from mine. "But I would like to take you out sometime." He said to me. I chuckled. Turning back to the heavy hand on my shoulder, I let him lead me with his eyes again. All the way to his apartment.


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