Wath happen to a 13 years old girl when the only thing she likes in life is music?
Read to find out


1. Perfection...or not

Lorry-Ann's POV

I'm in the backstage. I hear my fans yelling my name: Lorry ! Lorry ! Lorry ! It's my turn. It's my chance to shine. I look a last time at myself in the mirror : my long black hair are super straight. I love my outfit : a black outfit with a pair of heels. A guy comes to me and says: Lory-Ann, you have to go now. I take my microphone and start to walk to the stage. I hear the first note of Counting stars. I start to sing it. "Latly have been, have been lossing sleep.."

The sound sutendly stop.

I hear a familiar voice saying : Lory-Ann !

I woke up.

It was a dream

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