A Girl Named Winter

*Runner up of the Be Inspired By The Christmas Picture Contest*

When Max meets a mysterious girl in the woods, he finds that not only does she change his world, but the world around them as well. The permanent ice age they stand in soon melts away, revealing how Winter met Spring.


4. Dreaming Of You

     The morning brought a warm glow of light to be cast across Max's face. He lay peacefully sleeping as Winter sat quietly on the edge of his bed; already feeling suffocated by his intoxicating scent. She could not stay any longer.

Winter lifted herself from his bed, a hand grabbing her wrist. She whipped her head back to see a panting Max, squinting to see past the ray of sunlight piercing his swollen eyes. She stiffened before he closed his eyes once again to retreat back into his slumber, releasing her from his grip.

But that was when she saw it. A web of black swirling out from the palm of his hand, and into the moist air. Like the smoke of a dying flame, a ribbon of Eversio lifted and whirled around her hair, Winters breath choking on her fear of his power. It was time.

She placed her hands in his hands, closing her eyes as she did in his dream not a second before and submerged herself into his thoughts and subconscious. Winter opened her eyes to Max clutching her hand.

"I'm Winter".

Max woke up.



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