1 house. 4 girls. 5 guys.

1 house. 5 girls. 5 guys. What do you expect? Ray, Pay, May, Ari, Pay is the oldest, Ari is the 2nd oldest, May is the 3rd and Ray is the 4th. What happens when Ray finally turns 18 and her friends take out to go clubbin?


2. Popeyes

Rays P.O.V

"And can i please get a medium pepsi? Thanks!" i said to the popeyes worker before i walked to our booth. I put my "Beats" headphones on and i listened to the latest "Green Day" album. Music is my life! I love music, with out music, i would be pulling out my hair one by one by now. I have all sorts of albums, Green Day, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen, Guns N' Roses, Areosmith, Linkin Park, Radiohead and alot more. I guess you can say i am a "rocker chick" but i am not afraid to admit that i can't dance around to Taylor Swifts "22" or Miley Cyrus songs. "Ray! Come on eat, your gonna be hungry later if you don't!" said Pay. Pay is like the "mommy" of the group, i am like "the baby" people always need to watch me just in case. My phone started to vibrate, i got a text. 

" Hey, i miss you. Can we talk?"

~ September 8, 11:28. 

I rubbed my eyes and held back tears and put my phone back into my bag.  

May's P.O.V

I watched Ray, she rubbed her eyes and made one of her "I'm Strong" faces, probably that bastard Justin again. I felt bad, i know how much he hurt her. I started playing with my food, i thought about Marco, yep. Marco. My gbf (guy best friend) who i have had a crush on since gr.3. I told him that i loved him and i planted a kiss on his cheek before i left to come here. I wonder what he's thinking right now, does he like me? he hasn't texted me since i last saw him at the airport. I stuffed the chicken in my mouth and drank some of Ray's pepsi. One of the popeyes guys came to the table and asked us how we were doing, we all knew what he came for. Ari. Of course Ari has no idea. "Awesome!!! Thanks!" Ari replied. The guy kind of stuttered and walked away. What a lunatic. I wonder if any guys would look at me like that. i wish............




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