1 house. 4 girls. 5 guys.

1 house. 5 girls. 5 guys. What do you expect? Ray, Pay, May, Ari, Pay is the oldest, Ari is the 2nd oldest, May is the 3rd and Ray is the 4th. What happens when Ray finally turns 18 and her friends take out to go clubbin?


1. Moving In.

Ray's P.O.V

High school is over, now i am leaving for college with my bestie's, a.k.a my wifeys, Pay,May, and Ari. We have known each other since the 6th grade, ever since then we've been best friends and we did everything together, from school girl crushes, to the heartbreaks, and finally graduation. We were now going to "University College London" in London. See we come from Canada, the cold harsh winter weather, and leaving for UK is probably one of the most exciting experiences of our lives.  

May's P.O.V

"Pay! Can you pass me the box labeled "books"?" I said to Pay. "Haha, sure... NERD." Pay replied with a cheeky smile. Of course, out of all my friends i'm the nerd. Well i'm actually pretty okay with it, i'm smart, i get good grades, and i have the awesomest wifey's ever. I pull out my collection of "Jhon Green" and "Harry Potter" books, reading is my life. I get away with reading when ever i'm in need of some help, or if i am having a tough time, books are my friends.

Ari's P.O.V

"Ray! Start Un-packing!! You have no time to be on your phone right now!!" I said to Ray. "I'll get off my phone when i wanna get of my phone." she reply's, as you can now probably tell, Ray is the rebel of the group, as in she does what she wants. I started unpacking my box labeled pictures. So many memories, so many stories untold. I came across a picture of me at prom, with my ex, Nathan. Lets just say he got bored. He hurt me worse then anyone else did. I decided to put his picture back in the box and instead i took out the picture of my family. My mom, my daddy, and my sister, Anna. I started to unpack the pictures of me and the girls over the years and i stuck them on the wall. 

Pay's P.O.V

Finally, just finally, i am in college with my sisters, this is a dream come true for me. I start to unpack my box labeled "Memories" I started un packing pictures of my boyfriend, Drew. He is perfect, we are having a long distance relationship, as in he is in U.S and i am in U.K. but were gonna try to make it work. I started unpacking pictures of us at grad, in prom, homecoming. "Ray, you coming, were going for lunch! how bout' popeyes?" "Sure girly!" she replied. She grabbed her black leather jacket with "PINK" labeled on the back.




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