To Begin Again Will Always Be Hard

*** This uses the physical body of Harry Styles but is not a full blown fan fiction ***


2. Maybe Gentlemen Still Exist?

Chapter 2 - Maybe A Gentlemen Still Exist?

"This doesn't look like a hotel?" I said puzzled as we walked into a huge building. It must've been at least 70 stories.

"Do you want my help?" he said sarcastically.  Grabbing my hand he lead me towards the elevator. Pressing 73 once we had stepped through the doors. I was apparently wrong. There were 85 floors.

The elevator seemed to move pretty fast and it binged. We stepped into the hallway and there were only two doors, halfway down the hall on either side. The hallway was painted a deep red, gold patterns flowing artistically over it. There was a white carpet covering the floor, it looked like it was cleaned daily.

Mystery Man dragged me towards the left hand door and unlocked the door.

"Tadah!" he said happily.

"Woah!" I whispered, stepping inside.

It smelt like paint but the front room looked beautiful.  The walls were black with similar patterns to the hallway but painted in silver. The same white carpet spilled into the room, stopping only where the kitchen started. Honeslty it looked so soft.

"This isn't a hotel," I stated.

"Technically, no. But you can stay here for as long as you want. Or until I die anyway," he winked again.

"But for how much a month?" I asked skeptically.


"No. Just, no. Nothing is free in this world. I don't even know you're name and you could be a creeper!" I accused, winking at him.

"How will you ever get to know me if you don't try? Plus, I promise I'm not a 'creeper'," he said, putti g air quotes around the word.

"Hmm. . ." I did need a place to stay and he seemed nice. "Are you sure?"

"If you're okay with staying with me then I am fine with having you stay here."

"Will you tell me your name?"

"Harry. Harry Styles."

"I would love to stay here," I said smiling.

"Good, the spare rooms are there," he said, pointing directly ahead. "And there," he pointed diagonally right. "Take your pick of which one is better then I can go with you if you wanna get some stuff from your place.


I walked towards the door of my apartment, dreading what would be behind the closed door. Harry followed not far behind. I stopped as I neared, hearing voices chattering inside.

"You swore this would never happen," a man's voice said, Lukas' voice.

"You were the boyfriend who slept with me. Do not make out that this is all my fault," cue ex-best friend, Jemma.

"Listen, I'm not saying that it wasn't worth it, but maybe-" I cut Lukas off by barging into the room.

"Sam?" they asked together. I mock saluted them. I walked towards my room. Harry walked in not long after and stood in the living room.

"Who the bloody hell is this fool?" I heard Lukas ask Jemma.

"The name's Harry," I heard Harry reply in his adorable accent.

"Well that explains everything! Hell no. Why are you here?" Lukas demanded.

"I'm here with Samantha."

That was it. Lukas stormed into my room.

"I see I wasn't the only one cheating. You're such a fucking hypocrite! Sam! Fucking answer me slut!" Lukas yelled in my ear as I pulled the sheets off my bed that I had only put there this morning.

Harry stormed into the room looking very pissed off.

"Apologise to the lady," he said, sounding as though he was struggling to keep calm.

"Fick off," Lukas scowled.

"Apologise to Samantha NOW! Or I will make you asshole!" Harry yelled this time.

Harry was taller and bigger than Lukas and he was also blocking the doorway.  I just continued packing my stuff into two different suitcases.

"Harry. Thank you, but please just leave it, he's never gonna learn," I said, zipping up the suitcase and standing it up.

I ran into the bathroom collecting my three big cases of makeup and shoved them into the nearly over flowing second suitcase, also zipping it up.

"Learn how to treat a woman," Harry said before punching Lukas in the nose and leading me out, taking my bags.

"I'll be back for more of it during the week," I said as I passed by Jemma.

To say she looked shocked would have been an understatement.

"What have  you done to her!?" Jemma accused Harry, stepping in front of him. She was taller than me but she was no where near Harry.

"I think you should be asking your self that question. It is because of you and Lukas," I stated, before pushing her out of the way and leaving.

"That was amazing! Thank you so much Harry!" I giggled once we were safely inside the elevator down to the lobby.

"You're welcome Samantha."

"Please just call me Sam," I said laughing. It sounded so formal when he called me Samantha.


Harry's house still amazed me even when I walked through the door the second time. I walked into the first spare bedroom. It looked like it was actually made for a girl. The walls matched the ones in the main room. There was a hanging canopy bed, suspended in the middle of the room. The duvet was a deep purple and the carpet beneath the bed matched. A white wardrope stood out against the dark walls and there was a large white mirror attached to the farthest wall. The room seemed kind of empty but it looked like it had been designed by a professional.

I didn't even have to check the other room.  This was perfect. I put my suitcases in the nearest corner and walked out to the main room. Harry was sitting on the couch watching soccer.

"Do you like the room?" he asked, shocking me out of my transfixed state.

"What? - Oh. Yes. It's beautiful, thankyou," I said with a smile. "I'll try and find another apartment tomorrow,  promise."

"That's really not necessary, you can stay here for as long as you like. I mean that too. But, I have some rules," he said, winking.

"Of course. Anything."

"Rule number one, you can stay here dor free but you must chip in for food. Rule two, boys. You can have them over bur keep it down," he said with a wink.

I felt a blush crawl across my faxe as I looked down. I heard Harry chuckle and then I felt his arms around my waist as he hugged me.

"I'm just messing with ya Sam," he said and I could feel his chest moving as he laughed.

I only felt my blush worsen. Harry let go too soon and went to sit back on the couch. I looked down to hide the disappointment on my face.

"Did you want me to make dinner tonight?" I asked. "I can kind of cook. . ."

"If you want, or. . . or. . . you could sit down and watch the football with me and we could order pizza?" he suggested with a smile.

"That's soccer," I said, pointing to the tv.

"That, is soccer. Now sit your ass down and we'll order pizza!" he said while chuckling.

I flopped down on the couch.

"So bossy," I grumbled to myself.


An hour later and we were still arguing over what type of pizza to get.

"I'm buying so we'll just get two pizzas!" I yelled over him trying to propose a rational idea compared to that of simple arguing over Hawaiian or Meatlovers.

"No. I am a gentleman and a gentleman always pays," Harry said simply, pulling out his wallet.

"No! You are letting me stay here, free of charge, I am buying the pizza!"

"No. Samantha," he said in what kind of sounded like a warning.

I jumped out of the sofa, which we were still sitting on, and ran out the front door. I had my phone and some money still in my pocket so I sprinted down the hall and into the elevator hitting the ground floor button before I realised that I hadnt even put my shoes on. Screw it. I saw Harry running towards the elevator doors just as they closed and I laughed.

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