Drifting On Cloud Nine

Connor and Hailey are in this together through physical fights, pain, sickness;
although life is dangerous.Remember what was once yours.Never look back,just keep moving forward."God will get you there."


3. You Found Me

I woke up on the couch and my grandmother had came straight towards me.

"You're awake."

"What happened I have a massive headace." 

 "You passed out because you had low blood pressure and heart rate."

"I think you should take a day away from school."

"No please."

"Why, you hate it ?"

"I know it's just that I want to go now." 

"Okay,just be careful." 

"I will." 

Then I got up and got dressed in my favorite shirt.It was one of the stupidest memes ever.I kept it because Connor said it suited me.I think he just liked it himself.

 Once I got on the bus I saw a bunch of losers,that I guess are my friends.

"Hey Connor,"they said laughing.All of them were immitating my voice.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Nothing,none of your buisness anyway."

"What are you trying to say?"

"Shut up,it's nothing we just found out about your boyfriend."

"Is that supposed to mean he's stupid?"

"No,your stupid for not knowing."

I felt guilty,but I wasn't gonna let him win.

"That's none of your buisness."

"Is that why he told me and not you?"

"Shut the fuck up"I said feeling confident.

"What are you gonna do hit me ?"

I'm In the principle's office and my Lith's still trying to make up for me.My aunt Elizabeth.

"Is this true ?"

Mrs.Abby glances at me.

"Yes it is."

"You might not think the same, but I have a good explanation for this."

"Oh really.What is it ?" 

"They were making fun of me because I didn't know.I'm sorry that I didnt,but not because I punched him."

"Are you okay ?Do you need see the guidance councelor?"

"No"I say.

"Then if you need anything, talk to me."

 "Thank you,"Lith says. 

"Go on,before I go and change my mind."


After school I come in and set my bag on the counter. 

"What is this ?"

I see a fully loaded gun on the table.


"Umm what,can you explain ?" 

"Dad,that was three years ago." 

"It doesn't matter." 

"Why can't you be more like Tracy ?"

"Cause she's a bitch !"I yelled," and you knew she never liked you." 

A slight pain comes in contact my forehead, and I'm bleeding.

"Don't you every talk about your mother like that again."

"Now you better listen to me."

He says and points a finger at my shirt.

"If I see this again, you're dead, for real now"


I sit at my desk smiling, at him and he doesn't look back. I look again and his head is down.

I run over to his desk.

"Connor"I say shaking him.Still no answer. 

"Someone get an ambulance."

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