Drifting On Cloud Nine

Connor and Hailey are in this together through physical fights, pain, sickness;
although life is dangerous.Remember what was once yours.Never look back,just keep moving forward."God will get you there."


2. What do I think ?

I'm home from school tomorrow and my mother calls me to sit down.

"Come sit on the couch, " I sit on the brown fabric couch.

She has the face of a spider, like she can't get out of a trap.

She's had the same face since she told me James was out of town, my uncle.

"Is everything alright. "

She just looks at me then down on the ground.

"Is someone hurt ? Did they die?"

"No it's okay...for now."

"Why do you keep on pausing ?"

I put my head in my hands, and all I can see is black.

After a while I hold my head up.

I rubbed my hands on my jeans.

I feel my back getting soaked.

"Well , you know Connor right?"


"He's infected with hemochromatosis."

"What ?"

"It's a disease that can lead to cancer.There's too much iron in his diet."

That moment I look back at all the moment's I could have hinted it, but I didn't because he's such an angel.

He doesn't need faith because that's what he's made of.

I just never payed attention.

He probably wanted to keep me safe I guess.

From what though ?

"What kind of cancer ?"

"Lung cancer."

"How long has he had this ?"

"Since he was 13."

My face is red from all the fear that was headed right near me.

"Is he going to  be okay ?"

"I'm not sure, but if this continues no."

"Can he be treated ?"

"Yes we've just haven't figured out when-"

All these questions were running through my head.

I couldn't think about all the pain I was having.

"Has anything bad happen to him ?"

"Well...we haven't really looked to see what was bothering him."

All of a sudden I'm crying, just like last time.

She comes close and hugs me by the shoulder with her arms wrapped around me.

I go in my room and shut the door.

My bodies feeling heated.

I rip everything of the wall my family photos,the pictures of my uncle and me.I just loose it.

All this madness building up is hurting me, but I don't care.

When I come to the last picture of me and Connor.I stop.

"It's not worth it"I scream.

"It's not worth it anymore."

"Honey, " my grandmother says knocking on the door and trying to open it.


Now I hear her yelling, but I just won't stop.

Then my mind goes black again like I'm sinking into the bed.

Like I'm dead of course, I mean that's were I'll meet James.

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