Drifting On Cloud Nine

Connor and Hailey are in this together through physical fights, pain, sickness;
although life is dangerous.Remember what was once yours.Never look back,just keep moving forward."God will get you there."


1. Long drownded.

I'm Hailey chase in love with the one and only Connor Benson.

Blond hair with crazy dreams.

There's no choice whether to feel happy or alone.

My choice is right to stick with being alone no one want's to suffer from everyone else stuffing dreams in their decisions.

No one can really get what I'm saying,but when I'm with him it's different.

Like a clock ticking to get to an hour.

He doesn't feel like I'm the craziest person after all, I feel him nodge me.

"Hey,the craziest person in here is frustrated Brian,"he laughs.

 Then I look  to the other side of the library.

When I see Brian on his laptop getting frustrated,and fake punching it.I smile at him with the quietest laugh.

 "Doesn't count,”I say.

He just glances at me with the smallest smile,like a wretch.

Life is hard building bricks by yourself.Never say too much of something little.

I learned that the hard way,I guess everyone’s opinion is different.

“I’ll do anything for you,"Is what I want to say when I think of him.

Love is not just buying gifts;kissing or spending time together. It’s when you really need that person.Like water.You can’t survive without it. That person makes your 365 day’s "un-boring" joyful, and crazy.

He glances at me while I’m writing “What do you love ?” I pause,I look up at him and stop writing.

“Everything about human nature,it's behavior,how it all ties up with are actions.”

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