Just Bestfriends

This is a Justin Bieber story


7. ch 7

You and Justin walk downstairs hand in hand.



Chaz&Ryan:Justin back upstairs

Justin:-sighs and kisses ur cheek--


Ybfn:did i miss something justin walked upstairs jealous and you guys came downstairs HOLDING HANDS

Yn:were together


Yn:im serious we are together.He asked me to be his girlfriend.

Ybfn:Im your bestfriend and i really dont want you to take this the wrong way but he just broke up with Selena.

Yn:----looks down-----

Ybfn:ur my best friend i would never lie to u but just think about it.

Yn:okay....Im gonna go home---walks out to her car--

Justin: YNN!!were are u going baby---runs to u --

Yn:I just need some time to think thats all.

Justin: uh-uh ok babe ill talk to u later-kisses u--


You go to the park and sit on swings.you sat there and thought about everything from the time u met Justin in day care till today.you sat there until it got dark and started to walk to your car and your phone rang.


Justin:babe are u ok.

Yn:yea I'm fine I'm coming now

Justin:ok hurry

Yn: mhm

------justins house----

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