Just Bestfriends

This is a Justin Bieber story


2. ch 2

Ryan and Chaz bust through the door

Ryan: Yn are u ok

Yn: yea

Ryan: tell me what happened-- he said sitting next to me--

Yn:justin-- i said looking at my hands on my lap--

Ryan :justin??? -waiting for an answer-

Justin: he ditched me for Selena

Ryan: wow

Yn: yup

Ryan: well lets forget about him and Slutena Homez( nothing against Selena or Jelena) we are all gonna have our bestfriend day

Yn :okay-- smiling--

Chaz: there is our favorite smile

Yn: come on lets go to the mall Bestfriends



Chaz:whats so funny-

Yn:Justin usually says that and it sounded way funnier when ryan said it

Ryan:-smiles feeling accomplished--

---------mall -----------

Yn pov: we were walking in the mall having fun making jokes yaknow doing what we do until...

YBFN: ok so lets go to Abercrombie friends --linking arms with me and ryan

Chaz : I feel left out

Yn :awwww Chaz

Chaz:u love me right

Yn: of course Chaz-- kisses his cheek--lets go into abercrombie

---------- Abercrombie--

(Ryan and Chaz are in the boys section and Yn and YBFN are in the girls section)

Yn: Im actually having a lot of fun

Ybfn: same

Yn: ok im done looking im gonna pay for my stuff u coming

ybfn: yea lets go

They go to the cashier and see Justin and Selena walk into the store.They see Chaz and Ryan and start to talk.

Justin: hey wassup why are u guys here

Ryan: well dang its nice to see u too

Justin: oh my bad.

Selena: hey boys

C&R: hi Slu-Selena -- annoyed--

Justin: so why are u guys here

C&R :we are here with YN and YBFN

Justin: u didn't invite me and Selena i sure do feel left out -chuckles-

C&R: --not laughing-there was a reason we didn't invite u.

Justin:oh why is that

Ryan:u ditched YN to be with Slut-Selena it was supposed to be ur bestfriend day and u only have them 2 times a year but u chose to go to the mall to with ur girlfriend.So we Chaz,Ryan,and YBFN are having a best friend day. But u dont care anyway. U dont care about us do u? No go off with ur girlfriend. ---walks off-

Chaz: I thought u really cared about us Justin were supposed to be BEST Friends.

They left him and Selena there to go find YN and YBFN .

Yn:who were u guys talking to

Ryan: Justin and

Chaz: Slutena Homez

Yn: oh.......can we go

everyone: yea sure

They walk past Justin and Selena and Justin has his head down looking at his feet and Selena trips Yn and u fall on ur arm and hear a cracking noise

Yn:shit -tearing up-

Justin : yn are u ok

Yn :can u take me to the hospital

Justin:Yea sure

Ryan: ill take her

Justin : no I got her bro

Ryan:since when do u care about her u should be kissing Selena or whatever u do with her

Justin: Im just trying to be a good boyfriend I would choose YN over Selena any day-

Selena: what really --tearing up---

Justin: no baby --kisses her ---

YBFN: guys lets go hes a liar and I actually thought he loved us. And for u Slutena Homez don't u ever lay a finger nail on my best friend -

Yn: I need to go to the hospital I feel dizzy

YBFN: one sec YN, dont u ever lay one finger nail on my bestfriend or I will cut ur toes off and feed them to alligators.

All of a sudden the hear a body hit the floor and see s

Yn body passed out

Before it went fully black u heard baby please Yn--I need u -- please I - I love u -- please come back and u feel wet drops on ur face .

U couldn't rlly hear but u could kind of hear Justin's voice

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