Just Bestfriends

This is a Justin Bieber story


1. Ch 1

To: Yn


Im so srry Selena wanted to have a GF BF day. Can we have our bestfriend day Tom.????

To: Justin



YN Pov:

Selena did that on purpose she us jealous of justin an I relationship we have been bestfriends since I was 2 and he was 3 thats 16 years.He is always focused on me when she is around.I called my bestfriend YBFN(your other best friends name) she answered on the second ring


Yn: Justin did it again

YBFN- rlly??

Yn:yup-pops the p-

YBFN- Im comin over now

Yn: k

------12 minutes later-----

YBFN- Talk

Yn: Wht

YBFN:i now ur upset tlk

Yn:I just cant believe he chose his girlfriend that he only knew for 2 months over his bestfriend that he has known for 16 years.

YBFN: Selena has him wrapped around her finger. Oh yea I texted Ryan and chase (bestfriends) and they said they were coming over

Yn: k -starts to cry-

YbfN- awww yn

Yn: can we do something

Ybfn:yea of course u wanna go to the mall - playing with ur hair-


Ryan and Chaz bust through the door

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