Santa's Workshop Of Too Much..... WORK!!!!

Two kids, Luke and Caroline, get a free trip to the North Pole to visit Mr. Santa Claus!!! But then they get lost in the Winter Woods and can't seem to find their way to Santa's Workshop. What dangers will they face? What experiences will they have together? What will they face when they get to the workshop?
Seems like all fun and games in the movies at Santa's Workshop, but find out if its the same in The Real World!!!
Written and Created by: @Styler123���� & @(Luke J.R)
Cover created by: @(Luke J.R)


7. *If You Just Believe* (Styler123)

~December 19th (6 days before christmas)~

"Oi! Today's our day!" Luke said to caroline quietly.

"I know! I cant wait to see him!" Caroline said quietly. 

"Do you think we'll meet rudolph the red nose!?" Luke questioned.

"What are you guys talking about?" Their mother laughed.

"Mummy! Santa invited us to see him in the north pole! We're supposed to see him tonight!" Caroline said. 

Their mother laughed. "That's absurd." she said.

"Why would that be absurd?" Luke asked. 

Their mother looked at them through the rearview mirror. She remained silent and kept driving. The children kept talking about what they might see, who they might see, where they would go. Their mother smiled lightly but she was worried. The stress and worry was starting to agitate her. They all arrived home from school and luke and caroline ran inside. Dropping their bookbags, jackets and leaving snow on the floor as they ran in. They ran straight to their room quickly started packing. Their mother rushed into the house and slipped on the snow and tripped over their bookbags.

She grew angry and yelled their names. "LUKE AND CAROLINE!!!!!!!"

Caroline and Luke jumped and rushed downstairs. "Yes mummy." Caroline said.

"Is this how i raised you!?" She pointed to their things. Her face started turning red. "Pick Them Up Now! And right after go do your homework!" 

They picked up their jackets and Caroline spoke. "But mummy we need to pack!"

Their mother drew her eyebrows together. "Pack for what!? You're not going anywhere!" She pulled off her jacket.

"We already told you! Santa invited us to see-"


"But why?" Luke asked.

"Why!? You're asking why!? You children need to get your head out of the clouds! SANTA'S NOT REAL!!!"

Caroline's eyes grew wide in shock and started to tear. "Yes he is! YOU SAID HE WAS!"

Luke's eyes grew a dark blue as he saddened. "You lied to us?"

"YES! I LIED TO YOU OKAY!? SANTA DOES NOT EXIST! HE IS A MYTH!" They're mother yelled. Her eyes grew in sorrow. Because the minute she spoke the words, she wanted to take them back.

Caroline breathed heavily as the tears streamed down her face. "I HATE YOU!" She yelled and ran upstairs. Luke shook his head and followed behind angrily.

The rest of the night Luke and Caroline lie up in the lion's den looking at the things they found. They listened to christmas music silently as their mother cried to her family about how she ruined the spirit of her children. Luke twirled fiddled the bell around in his hand. Caroline still had tears running down her face as she kept reading over the letter from Santa. Softly in the background, the polar express song If You Just Believe started to play. Luke listened, for he loved that movie so much. He sat up quietly and looked at Caroline. "Hey."

Caroline looked at him with light pink circles around her hazelnut brown eyes. She sniffed. "Yeh?"

"Listen." Luke smiled lightly as they listened to the song. 

'Believe in what your heart is saying

Hear, the melody is playing

There's no time to waste

There's so much to celebrate

Believe in what you feel inside

And give your dreams the wings

To fly...

You'll have everything you need

If you just believe'

Caroline smiled and looked down at the letter. "Do you still want to go?" Luke asked quietly.

"Do you think what mummy said is true?" She asked.

"The question is," Luke said and smiled "Do you?"

Caroline looked at luke quietly. She looked down at the letter and the bell then back at luke and shook her head. "No... No I don't."

"Then what are we doing sitting here?" Luke asked. 

Caroline smiled. "What time is it?" She asked glancing at luke's watch.

He lifted up his arm."Eleven." He said.

Caroline got up wiping her face and they quietly walked down to their room and finished packing.

"Did you finish?" Caroline looked at luke closing her bookbag.

"Yeh you?" He answered closing his. He looked at her and smiled as she was bundled up in 5 layers of clothing. He laughed. "You look like a marshmallow."

"Shut up." She said pouting. She giggled. "I'd rather be a marshmallow than an ice cube." 

"You're going to get soaking wet either way. You look so uncomfortable." Luke said. he walked up to her and unzipped her first three jackets. She took them off and then he grabbed her winter coat and gave it to her. She put it on. "That's better." He said ruffling her hair. 

"Stop it..." She whined. He laughed quietly as she put her winter hat on. "Let's go." She said putting on her bookbag. They snuck quietly down to the basement. Caroline took some money from her mother's wallet and then they went to the basement. Luke opened the storm cellar door and wnet out. Caroline stood on the shelf and luke helped her out. And with that, they were on their way.




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