Santa's Workshop Of Too Much..... WORK!!!!

Two kids, Luke and Caroline, get a free trip to the North Pole to visit Mr. Santa Claus!!! But then they get lost in the Winter Woods and can't seem to find their way to Santa's Workshop. What dangers will they face? What experiences will they have together? What will they face when they get to the workshop?
Seems like all fun and games in the movies at Santa's Workshop, but find out if its the same in The Real World!!!
Written and Created by: @Styler123���� & @(Luke J.R)
Cover created by: @(Luke J.R)


4. *City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks* (Styler123💖💖)

The next morning the children got dressed. Caroline holding the bell close at hand. Not a doubt in her mind that Santa was on his way. For her it made the Yuletide more gay. 

As for Luke, today was a special day. He was sick but he was excited. Today was the day that he was celebrated. The day he came to life and met a world full of mystery. 

The children walked with their mum. The sidewalks were busy and Carolers sung. Caroline was happy. "Mumma can we go Christmas Caroling?" She asked. 


"Oh no no no, we don't want everyone sick now do we. Poor Luke, so sick on his birthday." The mother said


She looked at Luke in such dispair. Although she was confused. For Luke was as happy as ever. And Caroline wanted to know why. 

She looked at him and said his name. "Luke." 

He looked at her happy as ever. "Yeh?"

She smiled. "What is up with you?You're sick as dog!" 

"So?" He said happily. 

"So!? How can you be in such a good mood! You're sick..." She said. 

He looked at his mum and noticed she wasn't paying attention. She was talking to a salesperson. 

He pulled out an envelope from his jacket. "Look what I got out the mailbox today." He said quietly. 

Caroline took the envelope and turned it over. "What about it?" 

He pointed to the corner of the envelope. "Look where it's from." He whispered. 

Her eyes widened as she read what it said. "Are you kids ready?" Theirmother said. 

Caroline stuffed the envelope in looks jacket. "Yes mummy!" She smiled widely at her mother. And with that they went to school. 

Smiles on Luke and Caroline's face.

Happy and excited as can be. Caroline thought in her head of all the possibilities that can happen. Oh the excitement that thrilled through her body. Now she understood why Luke was so happy. Although the city sidewalks were as busy as can be. There is always a bell on the corner of every street to light up the day. Bring happiness into the worst of your days. The light into your darkest nights. Caroline smiled at Luke. He looked and smiled back. Nothing can stop them now. 

    Written by Styler123💖💖 & Luke J.R <3


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