The Story Of My LiFE

The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses that one direction live in Brittan. She meets her new bestfriend on her first day at a new school. She meets the boys with her bestie and ends up getting and dating Niall Horan and becomes good freinds with Perrie Edwards.


56. The Big Day

*One Week Later*

Phoebe’s POV:

’Phoebe wake up honey. It’s 8:30am time to get up’’ I opened my eyes and Perrie was waking me up. ‘’I get married today’’ I said. ‘’yes you do. How do you feel?’’ she asked ‘’nervous’’ I replied. ‘’it is fine to be nervous hun’’ she said. I got up and had a shower and washed my hair and then I put my robe on and headed downstairs. ‘’morning bubba girl’’ I said to Lizbeth. ‘’hi Hunter’’ I said. I picked up Liz and kissed her when the doorbell rang I opened it and it was Marie, Billy, Kelly, Jack and the Twins. They came in and we had some lunch. I looked at the time and it was 12pm. ‘’only 4 and a half to go Phoebe’’ Jackie said. ‘’I’m so nervous’’ I replied. ‘’it’s alright to be nervous. Just think this time tomorrow you will be in Hawaii Mrs Niall Horan’’ Perrie said. ‘’Yea. I will be’’ I said happily. Then I got at text from Niall ‘’Hey baby. Ready for today? I miss you and Liz so much. See you soon. Niall xx’’ I replied ‘’Hey baby. I and ready for today. I miss you so much too.  See you soon. Phoebe xx’’. ‘’who are you texting?’’ Perrie asked. ‘’Niall texted me and I replied’’ I replied. ‘’ok’’ she said. When it was 1pm Louise got here. ‘’hey guys. Sorry I’m late. Niall and the boys took do long’’ she said. ‘’it’s alright’’ I replied. ‘’so have you chosen a hairstyle?’’ she asked. ‘’yes. I would like this one please with this in my hair’’ I said. ‘’Easy as making a cake’’ she replied. ‘’would you like a muffin? They are freshly baked. I cook a lot when I get nervous’’ I said. ‘’yes please’’ she replied so she took one and said. ‘’these are yummy’’ she said. ‘’thank you’’ I replied. We looked at the time and it was 2pm. ‘’alright let’s get you guys ready’’ Louise said starting with the bridesmaid so I could see how they look and then the flower girls and they looked pretty. Then it was my turn. She did my hair and makeup and helped me into my dress and I put my shoes on. I walked down the stairs. ‘’OMG you look so pretty’’ Cassie said. ‘’thanks Cas and it is thanks to Louise’’ I said. ‘’no I just did some touch up work. The rest is all natural’’ she said. It was 4pm when the flowers got here. ‘’let’s go outside and take pictures’’ Jackie said so we did. She took one of the girls and I then me and Phoebe and then just me and then the Limo came. I think we were 3 minutes late when we got there. I kissed Phoebe and Jackie, Lizbeth, Hunter, Jack, Kelly, Billy went inside. We were waiting for our time to go in. the music played for the girls to go in. I was thinking. ‘’what’s up Phoebe?’’ Mike asked. ‘’I wish mum and dad were here to see me’’ I replied. ‘’they are. In your heart and they are looking down on us now’’ he replied. He wiped the tear of my face and then the music played for us to go in. I walked in with Mike and he could tell I was nervous. I saw a lot of people there and then I saw Niall’s face and I was fine. I got to the end and Mike kissed my check and then shacked Niall’s hand and gave me away. I gave my flowers to Perrie to told and held Niall’s hand. I felt so good.

Niall’s POV:

’wake up uncle Niall. It is 8am’’ Taylor and Theo said jumping on the bed. I sat up and went downstairs. ‘’morning bro’’ Greg said. ‘’morning guys’’ I said. ‘’whoa you smell go have a Shower man’’ Liam said joking around and so I had a shower and came back down when Zayn cooked breakfast for all of us. Then we all sat down in the lounge room and turned on the TV. The news was on. ‘’Today is the day that Niall Horan gets married to Phoebe Cooper. We just want to take some time to say Congratz guys and enjoy your magical day’’ ‘’see Niall everyone knows that you’re getting married’’ Greg said. I heard a knock on the door and it was my momma, Chris and Dad. ‘’look at my little boy. All grown up, getting married today to Mrs right’’ she said. ‘’hey mom. I’m nervous and hoping that she will show up and doesn’t have cold feet’’ I said. ‘’she won’t Niall she loves you so much’’ Dad replied. The doorbell rang and Zayn opened it and it was Louise. ‘’Hey Niall congratz and enjoy your day. Now let’s get you guys fixed up and so I can go over and fix your pretty ladies up’’ Luoise said so she did and was 1:30pm and she left. I missed Pheoebe and I decided to text her ‘’Hey baby. Ready for today? I miss you and Liz so much. See you soon. Niall xx’’ and she replied ‘’ Hey baby. I and ready for today. I miss you so much too.  See you soon. Phoebe xx’’ and it was 3pm when we left to greet guests and we went inside and the boys and I took our positions at 4:30pm. I could tell they were running late. I saw Jackie, Lizbeth, Hunter, Jack, Kelly, Billy come in and I knew they were here. The Bridesmaids walked in and they all looked great then Phoebe walked in and my jaw dropped on the floor. She looked amazing and hot. She looked around and saw how many people were here and she was really nervous. She hates being in big crowds. I always told her when she gets nervous in crowds just look at me. When he looked at me she had a big smile on her face. When she got down to the end and mike gave her to me she held my hand and felt amazing. ‘’Dearly beloved. Today we are gathered here to celebrate the joining of Phoebe Maree Cooper and Niall James Horan. They have prepared their own vowels for us today’’ ‘’Phoebe I have loved since the day I ever first laid eyes on you. When you came backstage I felt like it was love at first sight. I said to the boys that this is my future wife. You can even ask the boys. I want you to my one and only. I love the was you smile and personality. That is what makes you beautiful. You are also perfect just the way you are. Even our daughter is like you in every way. I promise that whenever we are together I will try to be the best husband in the world because I have my Queen and Princess. I love you Phoebe Maree Cooper’’ when I finished she had a bit of tears in her eyes. ‘’Niall. You are the man of my dreams and the love of my life. When we first met backstage at your concert and I first met you I loved you. I always have loved you but then I realised that I wasn’t just some random fan girl meeting one of her idols but that I was in love. I love you Irish accent, Smile and Gorgeous blue eyes. Our daughter is perfect in every way and I love you both very much. If I’m not near you are you’re not in my life I’m half a heart without you. I promise be the best wife I can because you’ll be the Prince and I’ll be your princess, it’s a love story but with a new addition. I will always love You Niall James Horan’’ she said. We put our rings on each other’s fingers and my palms were sweaty because I was nervous and the she put the ring on my finger. ‘’I now pronounce you Husband and Wife you may Now kiss the Bride’’ so we kissed for two minutes. ‘’Mr and Mrs Niall James Horan’’ the priest said and everyone clapped. We walked outside to greet everyone as one.

Phoebe’s POV:

Finally I’m Mrs Phoebe Horan. We went outside to greet the guest as one. ‘’I missed you Niall’’ I said. ‘’I missed you two’’ he said. When everyone came out and we greeted them we had photos by the ocean. It one of me than Niall. The Niall and Me than the bridesmaids and me then Niall and the groomsmen, then the bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Niall and me then one of all of us with the flower girls and Ringer berries. After all the photo’s everyone headed down to the reception. They announced ‘’Mr and Mrs Niall Horan’’ and the we appeard and had our first dance which was to a thousand years. ‘’You’re so beautiful. You look so good. I can’t believe we are married now’’ Niall whispered. ‘’thanks honey and you look handsome as always. I cannot believe that I’m Mrs Horan not. I love you so much’’ I replied to him. ‘’I love you more’’ he whispered and we kissed. When the music finished we took our seats and had our food. When we finished Perrie started off with her speech. ‘’I haven’t known the bride for that long but in the short amount of time we have become so close. We met two years ago when these love birds met. To be honest didn’t like her period but then as time went on I got to know her abit more and we became good friends. Within a matter of months Phoebe and Niall have become each other’s love story. When I first met Niall it was when I first dating my husband. He was very funny and charming and I always knew that he would find his perfect girl and she I sitting right next to him. They are both very lucky to have on another especially since they have been through a lot. Enjoy every moment you can guys’’. Then it was Greg’s turn ‘’Niall James Horan is my little brother and I would do anything and everything for him. I remember when we were little and we talked about the types of gurls we wanted to marry and to this day we are married to them. When I first met Phoebe Maree Cooper no Phoebe Maree Horan she had a nice charming smile and a fantastic personality. I always thought she was the right one for my little bro. I’m proud to have her as my sister in law. You guys are really perfect for each other. Now all I can say is cherish each moment you have together because you never know what is going to happen. To Niall and Phoebe’’ ‘’to Niall and Phoebe’’ everyone said. It was very sweet and kind of the both of them. Then it was Jackies turn. ‘’even though Phoebe’s mum passed away many years ago I have always treated Phoebe like my own child. I’m happyshe has married Niall because I know that he will treat her right. We can all tell that you two are truly in love. Welcome to the family Niall’’ then Maura’s turn ‘’my baby boy is all grown up. It seemed like just yesterday Niall was walking around and today he got married. When I first met the bride I didn’t like her one bit only because every mother thinks no one is good for their baby. But then I got to know her a bit better and now I actually like her. Welcome to the family Phoebe’’  Then it was Mike’s turn ‘’Phoebe has always been like my daughter to me. I’m here on the behalf of her dad who couldn’t be here today because he two has passed away. He would be so proud of Phoebe and would like Niall. When I first met Niall I instantly knew he was perfect for her. He just had this type of charm to him. Welcome tot the family man’’  Then was Chris’s turn ‘’Niall has always been like a son to me. When I first met the bride and saw the way Niall looked at her and Phoebe looked at him I could see how happy they were. Congratulations Guys’’ I started to have tears in my eyes because the speeches were beautiful and Niall put his arm around my waist and whispered ‘’it’s alright babe’’ and kissed my check. It was Time for our thank you Speeches. I went first. ‘’ i just want to say thanks everyone for coming today. it is good to see what anazing support we have from everyone. Thank you to perrie my mad of honour for being there with me every step of the way. you are amazing in everyway. thank you to Maura for bringing my husband into the world. you have been amazing to me and my family. thanks to Cassie, Sarah and Megan for being my freinds throughout the whole thing. Thank you Jackie, Billy, Mike, Marie and Kelly for flying here all the way from Australia. in general thank you for everyone who has been very supportive’’ Than Niall went ‘’ I want to start off by saying thanks to Phoebe’s parents Brenda and Wade Cooper for bringing their daughter in the world even though they are not here with us today but they are in our hearts so thank you Jackie and Mike for taking care of Phoebe. Thanks to Greg my big brother for your support with Phoebe and I and being there for as when we need you the most. Thanks to Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis for helping us out through our tough times. You guys are the best’’. Then we danced.

Niall’s POV:

The speeches were lovely and I looked over at Phoebe and she had tears in her eyes so I put my arm around her waist and kissed her check. We then got p and danced. Greg and I started to dance to some Irish songs and Denise and Phoebe joined in. after that we danced to Gangnam Style and then Phoebe and Mike had their father daughter dance which was the sing butterfly kisses and then half way through we all joined in and I asked if I could dance with Phoebe. We danced for a bit when I saw Luke looking at me funny and then it clicked.  Luke likes Phoebe, but too bad for him because I have her. We then cut the cake and fed each other. I was being a smart ass and put some frosting on her nose and she but some frosting on my check. We danced for a bit longer and then we had our last dance which was Faith. We both got changed and our bags were put in the Limo by Greg and Perrie when Perrie took Phoebe’s Dress and Greg took my suit. We walked out and said bye to everyone and then right at the end we saw phoebe. We both gave her a big kiss and a cuddle because we won’t see her for two weeks. We waved bye and got into the Limo and left. There was wine I n the Limo with two glasses. ‘’Mrs Horan would you like some wine?’’ I asked. ‘’yes please Mr Horan’’ she replied so I poured her a glass of wine. And we got to the airport. There were paparazzi there when we got out of the Limo ‘’so how does it feel to Mr and Mrs Niall Horan?’’ a reporter asked. ‘’really good’’ we both replied. ‘’where are you guys going and how do you feel about being Mrs Horan, Phoebe?’’ the asked ‘’no comment’’ we both replied and got onto the plane. ‘’well that was something hey babe?’’ I said. ‘’yea. Will it always be this crazy?’’ she asked. ‘’yea. Pretty much’’ I replied. ‘’no matter what I love you forever’’ she said. ‘’I love you so much ‘’ I replied to her and we kissed. ‘’today was perfect Niall’’ she said. ‘’Yea it was’’ I replied and then the plane took off and I think we fell asleep because the next thing I knew she had her head on me and were awaken up by the flight attendant.

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