The Story Of My LiFE

The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses that one direction live in Brittan. She meets her new bestfriend on her first day at a new school. She meets the boys with her bestie and ends up getting and dating Niall Horan and becomes good freinds with Perrie Edwards.


52. Super Women

Phoebe’s POV:

Last night I heard a noise like someone broke glass. I tried to wake Niall up ‘’Niall’’. But he didn’t wake up. I knew a bit of karate so I went down stairs and turned on the lights. I got to the bottom of the stairs and saw that one of our windows were smashed and glass was everywhere. I then turned around to see that our TV was missing and I went to see if anything else was missing when someone from behind pushed me to the ground. I fell to the ground and I tripped them onto the around and started to head for upstairs. ‘’NIALL’’ I yelled but no answer. Then whoever it was dragged me down by my feet when they were on top of me with a knife. I kneed him in the balls and kicked him off. I ran for the kitchen to grab a knife when he tackled me to the ground. ‘’NIALL’’ I kept calling and got distracted because I heard Liz crying and he went to go up there when I got up and tripped him over. ‘’Leave my baby alone. Don’t even think of it’’ I said. That’s when she stopped and I heard Niall talk to her. ‘’NIALL’’ I said and he came down when the guy cut my arm I kicked him off but I landed in the glass.  Niall came down and tackled the guy. I dragged myself to the phone and called the cops while Niall was fighting the person. Within a few minutes the cops came and kicked down the door, and then they saw me. ‘’don’t worry about me my Fiancé is in the around there with the guy and they ran to help him’’ I said. The next thing I saw was Niall run up to me. ‘’Are you ok babe?’’ he said. ‘’I’m fine’’ I said. He a tea towel to stop my arm from bleeding and he saw that I fell on glass. The ambulance came shortly after and took care of me. ‘’Niall go check on Liz’’ I said so he did. Perrie and Zayn heard the commotion and they ran over. ‘’You have to get stiches love’’ the paramedic said. ‘’OMG are you ok Phoebe?’’ Perrie and Zayn asked. ‘’yea I’m fine’’ I said. That’s when Niall came down with Liz and saw Perrie and Zayn. ‘’Oh Niall look at your face’’ Perrie said. ‘’I’m fine’’ he said. ‘’What happened?’’ Zayn asked. ‘’well I woke up and heard a noise. I tried waking Niall up but he was in a deep sleep so I checked it out because I knew abit of karate so I went down there. I saw the TV was missing and looked to see if anything was missing and then this guy knocked me to the ground over there. It went on for a bit and I kept calling Niall but he didn’t wake up. Then the guy and I heard Liz cry so he went to go up there but I stopped him. Then she stopped and I heard Niall’s voice and called for Niall and he ran down’’ I said. ‘’Niall did you punch him that hard?’’ Zayn said. ‘’Nah mate that was Phoebe. I held him off and told Phoebe to call the cops’’ Niall said. ‘’WOW Phoebe’’ Zayn said. ‘’Niall I have to go to hospital to get stiches. Perrie can I ask you guys to look after Liz for us please?’’ I asked. ‘’of course’’ she replied. I went in the ambulance and Niall followed behind us in the car. I got to the hospital and the bleeding didn’t stop. I got stiches when the doctor came in to look at me and checked my Vitals. ‘’we have to stop meeting like this’’ he said joking. ‘’I can’t help it’’ I said. And we laughed. ‘’Your good to go home but you will have stiches in for a couple of weeks’’ he said. ‘’ok doc’’ I said. ‘’what happened this time?’’ he asked. ‘’home invasion’’ I replied. ‘’she also took out the guy’’ Niall said. ‘’WOW! Super women’’ he said. ‘’Yep that’s me’’ I replied and we both laughed. I got cleared to go home so we did. When we got home there were a lot of Paparazzi outside. We honked the horn for them to move so we could park in the garage and then walked inside. ‘’Niall Horan! What happened tonight?’’ they asked. ‘’Home invasion’’ he replied. ‘’are you both ok?’’ they asked. That’s the first time I’ve heard them ask if someone is ok. ‘’Yes we are’’ I said. ‘’is it true that Phoebe took out the perpetrator who did this?’’ they asked. ‘’yes’’ he replied and then we walked inside.

Niall’s POV:

I heard Liz crying so I got up to look at her and I didn’t see phoebe in bed I figured she was in the bathroom so I got up and checked on her then I heard Phoebe call out my name. I raced down the stairs and she was being attacked so I took the guy out and told her to call the cops. When the cops came they got him off me but not before he hit me in the face. His face was worse when he did that, than I ran over to Phoebe and grabbed tea towels because she was bleeding. I kissed her and looked down at her leg and she had a bit of glass sticking out then the paramedics got there and helped Phoebe. I grabbed Liz so we could take her with us but Perrie and Zayn were there and they looked after her for a bit. ‘’where is Hunter?’’ I asked. ‘’he is at my mums’’ Perrie said, ‘’ok’’ I replied. And we went to the hospital. When we got back there were so many reporters and we went inside. I made Phoebe some tea and she sat on the lounge. ‘’I’m proud of you Phoebe’s I’m sorry for not waking up’’ I said. ‘’Ni, its ok. At least you heard me’’ she replied. ‘’yea a bit late. At least I know you can look after yourself’’ I said. ‘’yes I can Niall. Are you sure your fine?’’ she asked. ‘’yea. Just some bruises’’ I replied and then she kissed me. I went upstairs to get our TV and put it down here. So we turned on the TV to see what they were saying. ‘’tonight they attacked again but this time they attacked Niall Horan and Phoebe Cooper. They are both alive and well. Let’s cross over to Sandra scully who is outside their house.  Thanks Jim. A few hours ago a Niall Horan the former member form the British boy group One Direction were attack at his home with fiancé Phoebe Cooper who was taken the hospital and Perrie Edwards from Little Mix looked after their daughter Lizbeth Cooper an Husband Zayn Malik also from the One Direction band. Phoebe cooper is our superwomen for this small community because she took down the perpetrator. More later back to you Jim’’.’well there you go superwomen’’ I said and we laughed. When I heard my Phone ring ‘’Hello’’ ‘’Hey Bro’’ ‘’hey Liam what’s up?’’ ‘’I just saw the news are you guys ok?’’ ‘’yea were fine Phoebe has a few stitchers and a slight concussion and I have a bruised face but where fine’’ ‘’that’s god man. I’m glad to see that you are alright’’ ‘’Yea thanks Man’’ then hanged up. I got off the phone and Phoebe was asleep so I had to wake her up. When her Phone rang. ‘’Babe it is Jackie’’ I said handing her phone to her. ‘’ No. I don’t want to’’ ‘’ok babe’’ ‘’Hey Jackie’’ I said ‘’Where is Phoebe?’’ she asked ‘’bathroom’’ ‘’are you guys alright?’’ ‘’ yea were fine Phoebe has a few stitchers and a slight concussion and I have a bruised face but where fine’’ ‘’ok as long as you both are ok’’ ’’we are thanks Jackie’’ than I hanged up. ‘’Babe wake up. You’re not allowed to sleep for a few hours’’ ‘’oh ok’’ she said. I called people to come out to fix the window and to replace the door at 10 am and then they came at 12pm to fix it up. That is when Zayn and Perrie came over and handed us Liz back. ‘’How is she?’’ Perrie asked. ‘’she has a few stitchers and a slight concussion’’ I said. ‘’at least you are all ok. Didn’t you guys get an alarm system?’’ Perrie asked. ‘’Yea but we forgot to turn it on last night’’ I replied. Looking over at Phoebe. ‘’Phoebe’’ I said running over and waking her up ‘’come in guys’’ I said. ‘’Hey Phoebe’’ Perrie said. ‘’Hey Perrie’’ she replied giving her a hug. ‘’how are you?’’ Perrie asked. ‘’Sore and tired’’ she replied. ‘’oh I bet you would be too’’ Perrie replied when I heard the doorbell. I opened the door and it was they rest of the boys and Greg. ‘’Oh baby bro. your face looks bad’’ Greg said. ‘’nice to see you too Greg’’ I replied, and we laughed. ‘’Come in guys’’ I said and they came in. ‘’are you guys ok?’’ Liam asked. ‘’ yea were fine Phoebe has a few stitchers and a slight concussion and I have a bruised face but where fine’’ I replied. ‘’at least you guys are fine’’ Harry said. ‘’yea’’ I replied. ‘’hey guys’’ Phoebe said. ‘’hey Phoebe’’ they replied. She got up and limped over here to give them all a hug, she almost fell over. ‘’a bit dizzy love?’’ Harry said. ‘’Just a bit’’ she replied so I walked over to the kitchen and got her some panadol. She leaned on Harry and Liam and they took her over to the lounge. ‘’do you guys want anything?’’ I asked them. ‘’there are some muffins and cookies in containers on the bench’’ phoebe said. ‘’a drink please’’ they all said. So I got them all a drink and we just sat there watching the Fast and Furious collection. It was 6pm and Greg left. I ordered Pizza and we ate. It they went at 9pm. I Carried Liz to bed than Phoebe fell asleep of I carried her to bed. She woke up. ‘’I love you Niall’’ she said. ‘’I love you too’’ I replied. ‘’can you sing me a song?’’ she asked. ‘’sure I’ll the chorus in half of me ‘’so I sang and she fell asleep. I went down downstairs to bring a bottle of water up for Phoebe and me then I put the alarm system on.

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