The Story Of My LiFE

The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses that one direction live in Brittan. She meets her new bestfriend on her first day at a new school. She meets the boys with her bestie and ends up getting and dating Niall Horan and becomes good freinds with Perrie Edwards.


40. Others are more important in the world

Niall’s POV:

I woke up the next morning and Phoebe was cuddled up to me with a jumper on. I gently woke Phoebe up ‘’Phoebe babe. It’s time to get up. We have to get Liz. Don’t make do that wake up song I used on harry with the boys’’ I said laughing. ‘’she started laughing and got up. She gave me a kiss and we packed everything up and got in the car. We stopped off at McDonalds to get some breakfast and coffee. Then we went to Louis and El’s  place to pick up Liz. We got there and I knocked on the door. Louis answered. ‘’Hey mate how was last night?’’ he asked ‘’it was really good’’ I replied. ‘’that’s good to here. Guess what El and I are having a child’’ he said happily. ‘’congratz man’’ I said. El came to the door with Lizbeth and her bag. ‘’Hey Niall. She was an angle’’ handing me Liz. ‘’Thanks so much and congratz on the news’’ I said. ‘’thanks Liam. Where is phoebe?’’ she asked. ‘’in the car sleeping’’ I replied. ‘’ok bye’’ she said and I put Lizbeth in the car. And drove home. Phoebe woke up and saw Lizbeth. ‘’Hello baby girl’’ she said and Liz just looked at she happy with her pink dummy. We got out of the car and it was 11:30am. I went upstairs and put Lizbeth in her rocker than helped Phoebe out of the car with the stuff.

Phoebe’s POV:

Last night was fun Niall an I laid down on the couch and turned on the TV. The news was on. ‘’Making headlines today. Phoebe Cooper was with Niall Horan of One Direction going out for his 20th birthday. Here I a picture of the two of them last night at a restaurant and some footage of the leaving and Phoebe is driving. They made their way down to a small park and that was where they spent the rest of the night’’ I turned off the TV and turned to Niall ‘’do they ever leave you alone?’’ I asked. ‘’Nope. Harry got a restraining order out on them so they cannot got near him when he is walking or even go near his home’’ Niall said. ‘’there is more important things in the world than us seriously the hungry children in Africa and other issues in the world’’ I said. ‘’that is another aspect that I love about you care for everyone’’ he said. ‘’But it is true’’ I said.  ‘’I have a question for you babe’’ Niall said. ‘’Sure. What’s up?’’ I asked. ‘’next week I leave to finish the tour. Would you like to come?’’ he asked. ‘’I would love to but what about Lizbeth? ‘’I replied. ‘’Lizbeth comes as well. Plus we leave for Australia and I thought you want to come’’ he replied. ‘’I do Niall, but I’m not sure at the moment’’ I replied. ‘’ok let me know. Zayn said Perrie is coming with us with Hunter. The boys said that the girls are coming’’ Niall replied. ‘’Ok Niall’’ I replied. ‘’What do I need Niall?’’ I asked. ‘’Clothes, Pyjamas, bathers, underwear, the essential things, IPod, phone charger, ect’’ he replied. ‘’ok’’ I replied.

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