The Story Of My LiFE

The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses that one direction live in Brittan. She meets her new bestfriend on her first day at a new school. She meets the boys with her bestie and ends up getting and dating Niall Horan and becomes good freinds with Perrie Edwards.


41. On Tour with the lads

*one week later*

Phoebe’s POV:

I just have started packed packing my things for the tour. We leave tomorrow. I’m so excited. The next two months with the lads and my honey. We are going to Australia tomorrow. Niall came behind and kissed my neck ‘’I’m so happy that you and Lizbeth are coming on tour with us for the next two months’’ Niall said. ‘’I can’t wait either’’ I replied all exited. ‘’the plane leaves early tomorrow morning’’ Niall said. ‘’At 6am right?’’ I asked. ‘’Yep and we need to be there by 5:30am’’ Niall replied. ‘’ok babe’’ I said as I finished packing mine and Lizbeth stuff. It was 11pm and I decided to go to bed because I had to get up at 4am to get Liz and me ready. I laid down and tried to sleep but I couldn’t I was excited. Niall came in and slipped his pants and took his shirt off and came to bed we cuddled and fell asleep.

*The next Morning*

Phoebe’s POV:

My alarm went off the next morning and I got the bed and called a taxi and I got Lizbeth dressed and packed up her things to take with us. The boys have their own private jet so we didn’t need to worry about keeping them on the down low. I woke Niall up and told him to get dressed and get his things. The taxi pulled up so I locked the house up, Niall grabbed Lizbeth and put her in a taxi, I grabbed the bags and got in the taxi. We got there at 5:30am and were greeted by the others. We boarded the plane and left. I was next to Niall who had Liz, Perrie was next to Zayn with hunter, Danielle and Liam were at the back with Taylor and Louis, Harry and Melissa were on the other side with Louis and El.

Niall’s POV:

We got on the plane and took our seats. I gave Lizbeth a bottle and I looked over at Phoebe to give her a kiss but fell asleep. She looked so cute. I turned around to Liam and we started chatting. We got to the airport when I woke Phoebe up and we got on the tour bus and were greeted by fans. I grabbed Phoebe’s Hand and she had Lizbeth we pushed through the crowd and got on the bus. About 10 minutes later the others got on the bus and se soughed out who would have the Bunks.

Melissa’s POV:

We got on the tour bus and I saw the bunk beds they were king singles. Phoebe, Niall and Liz had one of the bottom ones so it would be easier for them with Liz. Perrie, Hunter and Zayn had the other bottom one. Danielle, Liam and Taylor had the next bunk up. Louis and El had the one above Zayn and Perrie. Harry and I had the one above Liam and Danielle. I was so excited. Liam and Louis were playing the Xbox, Niall had a guitar in his hands and started playing it, and Danielle, Phoebe and Perrie were playing with Taylor, Lizbeth and Hunter. Zayn, Harry and I were talking. Preston came back with Pizza and beer. It was about 10pm when Perrie, Danielle, Phoebe, Liam, Niall and Zayn went to bed with the little ones. Louis, Harry, El and I were playing the Xbox. It was 1am when we went to bed. Harry turned off the lights and we got into bed. ‘’I love you Melissa’’ Harry said. ‘’I love you too’ I replied. The next thing I know Harry is running his fingers up and down my back. So I rolled over and kissed him. One thing lead to another and harry and I covered both or mouths because we were groaning and we didn’t want to wake the others up. I felt bad because when I was away I cheated on Harry with some random guy and I couldn’t tell him. After we finished we laid down next to each other panting. I rested my head on his chest and we fell asleep.

Harry’s POV:

I am happy that Melissa is here with me. I looked down and she was asleep. So I rolled her on her side and cuddled her. The next morning I was woken up but Liam. ‘’Harry it is 9am, get out of bed Mr Lazy’’ he said. ‘’ok Liam I’m up’’ I replied. ‘’Get changed because we have rehearsal and sound check in an hour’’ Liam said. ‘’Ok, OK’’ I said. I went to kiss Melissa but she was already up. I hopped down of the bunk and had a shower. I walked out ‘’Morning Harry’’ everyone said. ‘’Morning guys’’ I said. Melissa came over with coffee for me. Preston came in and said ‘’Boys it’s time to go to rehearsal and then sound check’’. ‘’ok. We are coming’’ I replied.  We gave kisses to our love ones and went.

Phoebe’s POV:

When the boys left it was just us girls and I saw Melissa was thinking about something. ‘’El can you watch Liz for me please?’’ I asked. ‘’sure’’ she replied. I walked over to Melissa and said ‘’What’s up Mel?’’ ‘’oh um’’ ‘’you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me to. You can trust me. we have been friends for almost two years. What’s up?’’ I asked again. ‘’Ok. Do you know how I had to go away. Yea well I went to a club and got pissed. I ran into this cute guy and he took me back to his hotel room and we had sex’’ she said. ‘’you cheated on Harry!’’ I said. ‘’yes but I didn’t mean it. It was when Harry and I had the fight’’ she said with a couple of tears running down her face. ‘’Oh Melissa. You have to tell harry’’ I said. ‘’I will but I don’t know how too’’ she replied. ‘’after tonight you should tell him’’ I replied. ‘’your right Phoebe’’ she replied. I hugged her and we went into the lounge room. The tour bus door opened and it was Preston just checking on us. ‘’Preston’’ I said ‘’Yea Phoebe’’ he replied. ‘’what time do you reckon the boys will be back? ’’ I asked. ‘’4:30 why?’’ he asked. ‘’because I want to cook a feast from everyone’’ I replied. ‘’Ok. 4:30’’ he replied. ‘’ok’’ I replied then he left. I grabbed my wallet, phone and Lizbeth. ‘’Where are you going?’’ Perrie asked. ‘’to the shopping centre down the road to get some things for dinner’’ I replied. All they had on the tour bus was junk food. ‘’Ok. I’m coming too’’ Perrie replied grabbing her phone, wallet and Hunter.  We went to the store and brought things. We got back to the bus and I started to cook with Perrie’s help. I made muffins and biscuits. I then started on dinner. When the boys came in the bus. ‘’That smells nice’’ harry said.’’ ROAST. IT’S A ROAST’’ Niall said. We all laughed. ‘’Niall you and your food honestly’’ Harry said. I got everything out of the oven about to dish it up ‘’Phoebe, No. you’re the cook so you shouldn’t have to dish it out’’ Louis said. ‘’Thanks Lou’’ I replied. Dinner was served and everyone was eating. When we finished dinner the boys had to get ready for their concert tonight. ‘’Phoebe! Do you want to sing tonight?’’ Louis said. ‘’No way. I’m good thanks’’ I said. ‘’alright’’ he said. I stayed on the bus with Taylor, Hunter, Lizbeth and Perrie, while the boys were performing and El, Melissa and Danielle went to watch them. It was 7pm and I put Lizbeth and Taylor to bed and Perrie put Hunter to bed. I was hungry so I had a muffin and gave one to Perrie. We sat and watched ‘remember me’. I loved this movie. At the end Perrie and I were both in tears because it was sad. It was 11pm when the boys came back on the bus with the girls. ‘’there are some muffins and cookies on the table if you guys are hungry’’ I said. ‘’Niall, where did you find this amzayn girl? She is a really good cook’’ Harry said. I blushed and said ‘’Thanks Hazz’’. ‘’She found me actually. She came to one of our concerts remember that is when I sent management to grab these two Pretty girls back here’’ Niall said. ‘’half of that is partly true. Melissa and I had backstage passes before the show’’ I said correcting him. We both stood there laughing and that’s when Niall said ‘’when I looked in the crowd and saw her I said to myself that she is my true love’’’aha sure’’ I aid joking. ‘’you’re so cheeky babe’’ he replied I giggled than he kissed me on the lips. ‘’you two are so cute’’ Louis said. ‘’thanks Lou’’ I replied. ‘’so when is the big day guys?’’ Perrie said. ‘’we are not sure at the moment. We haven’t even thought about the wedding’’ Niall said and I nodded in agreement and said ‘’we’ve been busy looking after Liz to talk about it’’. ‘’ok’’ they replied. It was 1am when we went to bed.

*one week later in Sydney*

Perrie’s POV:

We were in Sydney and I love Sydney. When everyone woke up Paul and Preston went to get us breakfast. They came back with McDonalds but they brought too much. ‘’what are you doing today guys?’’ I said. ‘’ we have a rehersal and sound check before two concerts today’’ Liam said. ‘’I’m going to go see some family members today’’ Phoebe said. ‘’Oh yea I forgot you had family here’’ I replied. ‘’Yea’’ she replied. ‘’where are gonna chill in the bus today’’ the other girls said. Phoebe got up and had a shower to get ready.

Niall’s POV:

Phoebe went to have a shower and I needed the bathroom. I knocked and walked in. I did my business and then tickled her. ‘’NIALL. STOP IT’’ she said laughing. ‘’NO’’ I replied. She tried to get away from me but she slipped in the tub and pulled me over with her. We just started laughing when we hit the cold water tap. We heard a knock on the door ‘’Niall we have to go come one’’ I heard Paul say. ‘’Ok, I’m coming’’ I yelled back to him. So I got up and help phoebe up. ‘’tell everyone I said hi for me babe’’ I said. ‘’ok will do’’ she replied. I kissed her then went. I ran to my bag because I was dripping wet. ‘’Oh My God Niall! What happened to you?’’ Harry asked. ‘’I tickled Phoebe and she slipped and took me down with her in the tub and we knocked the cold water tap on’’ I said and Harry just stood there laughing. I got changed and we left.

Phoebe’s POV:

I hopped out of the bathroom when Perrie came up to me and said ‘’why was Niall wet?’’ ‘’he tickled me, I slipped, I took him down with me and knocked the cold water tap’’ I replied. She was laughing. I got changed and grabbed Liz and we went to my grandma’s place first. We catched a cab. I got to my grandma’s house first and knocked on the door. My Aunty Jackie opened it. ‘’Aunty Jackie’’ I said. ‘’Phoebe, hello. Who is this beautiful girl’’ she asked. ‘’This is Lizbeth, your Niece’’ I replied. ‘’Hello Lizbeth’’ she said grabbing her from me. I walked in and everyone was her.  My little cousins came running up to me ‘’Hello Phoebe’’ they said. ‘’Hey guys. I missed you so much’’ I said. ‘’we missed you too’’ they replied. I hugged every single person there. Then I saw my Grandma. ‘’Hi grandma’’ I said. ‘’Hello dear. Where is Niall?’’ she asked giving me one of her great hugs. ‘’he is rehearsing for is show tonight! But he told me to tell you he said hi’’ I replied. ‘’Ok, where is my great grandchild?’’ she asked. ‘’here she is Lizbeth this is Grandma Cooper, Grandma Cooper this is Lizbeth’’ I said. ‘’Hello beautiful’’ she said sitting down to hold her. ‘’ how long are you here for?’’ Uncle Mike asked. ‘’the end of the week I think then we go to Victoria’’ I replied ‘’ok. How old is Lizbeth?’’ everyone asked. ‘’she is almost 6 months old’’ I replied. ‘’ok. She is gorgeous. Are you coming back for Christmas?’’ Aunty Marie said. ‘’I’m not sure but should be’’ I said. ‘’I hope so’’ she replied. ‘’Lunch is ready guys!’’ Aunty Jackie said. We sat at the table and ate lunch like we used to on Christmas or something that we celebrate something. We had salad and Steak for lunch. ‘’ how old is Niall?’’ Jack my cousin asked. ‘’he turned 20 last week’’ I said forgetting that not everyone has meet him. ‘’he is young’’ he replied, ‘’yea so am I’’ I replied. After we finished lunch ‘’Phoebe. Come here for a minute please’’ Aunt Jackie said ‘’ok. Coming’’ I said getting off the lounge and walked into the kitchen. ‘’here you go. This was your mum’s recipie book. I want you to have it’’ she said handing me the book. Aunty Jackie was mum’s Sister. ‘’Thanks Jackie’’ I and giving her a hug and started to cry. ‘’Here this is for Niall’’ she said wheeling me a present for him. ‘’Golf Clubs. You remembered he likes Golf’’ I said. ‘’yes after all you two are my family as well. This is from all of us’’ she replied. I gave her a hug and looked at the time. It was 3:30pm and I had to get back so Niall could see Liz before he went on stage. I kissed and hugged everyone bye than got into the taxi with everything. I texted Paul because the were fans everywhere. ‘’Paul I’m at the gate but I can’t get passed all the fans’’ I sent him. ‘’Ohk. Wait there’’ he texted back.  The next minute he came out the back in a golf buggy so I could carry the stuff and he snuck me into the arena. ‘’Babe your back’’ Niall said. ‘’Yes I am babe’’ I said giving him a kiss. ‘’This is for you from my family for your birthday’’ I said handing him his present. ‘they remembered that I like golf’’ he said. ‘’Yes’’ I replied. He gave me another kiss. I went back to the bus to ask if they can watch Liz for me so I can watch the concert. I got to the bus with everything and I asked Perrie she said it was fine. so I went back inside and took my seat in the VIP section. When the concert started the girls screamed and hurt my ears. I forgot how loud they scream. When the concert was almost finished I went back stage to see them. Niall saw me and waved. ‘’before we en tonight, I want to introduce to you beautiful fans someone that can really sing. Phoebe come on stage’’ He said I was shocked. I slowly walked on stage when Harry started chanting ‘’Phoebe’’ then the crowd started. I walked out on stage and Niall put his arm around me and kissed me. ‘’this is the love of my life Phoebe and she will be singing a song for you all tonight’’ he said talking to the fans they all cheered. I had to think of a song quickly so I choose to sing which was the song I sung to Niall on his birthday. I grabbed the guitar and Niall put a microphone on the stand for me and I started singing ‘’ ohh, yeah, Baby please stay near, Don't know how I'd live without you here, It feels like I'm drowning I've got no air, Life is nothing without you here, So please don't leave me now, Don't leave me now, Don't let me go, Don't let me go, Don't let me go, You built me up then, You break me down, You could break my heart, Without a sound, You've got the softest touch, And no deceit, And no money or car could change, What you mean to me, Cause I'm falling in love with you, And I just can't help myself, Cause I'm falling in love with you, And I just can't help myselfffff, So please don't leave me now, Don't leave me now, Don't leave me now, Ohhhh, Don't let me go, Don't let me go, Don't let me go, Ohhhh, Don't let me go’’. When I finished the crowd was cheering and chanting  ‘’Phoebe’’ I took a bow and went off stage. The boys finished the concert and I walked over to Niall and punched him in the arm ‘’ouch. What was that for?’’ he asked. ‘’for making me sing’’ I replied. ‘’you have a nice voice and you should use it’’ He replied. I was aurguing with him about until he got to the bus. ‘’Phoebe sung in front of the fans and they loved her’’ Harry said. ‘’Wow. How did you get her up there?’’ Perrie asked. ‘’Niall introduced her to the fans and then Harry started chanting her Name and the fans followed. She hit Niall for it after and it as funny’’ Louis said. Everyone laughed. I checked twitter and Niall posted ‘’@Phoebe_4ever you were really good tonight. I love you so much’’. ‘’@NiallOfficial I love you so much too. I hope your arm isn’t sore’’ I tweeted. i had so many followers on twitter and the was a video of me singing my song tonight. I was shocked. ‘’See babe they love you’’ Niall said behind me. I turned around and kissed him then I heard Liz cry so I feed her a bottle and was bouncing her up and down. ‘’Niall. I need to talk to you’’ I said.

Niall’s POV:

’Niall. I need to talk to you’’ Phoebe said when she said that I thought it was going to be something bad. ‘’Ok’’ I replied. She put Liz down and we sat down. ‘’Ok. I now that it is two months away but for Christmas I wanna spend some time with my family’’ she said. I had a sign of relieve. ‘’We can. Christmas Eve will be with the lads and everyone, Christmas Day would be with My family and we can fly to Australia and spend some time there on boxing day’’ I said. ‘’Ok. That sounds good’’ she replied. We went to bed and we cuddled. ‘’Phoebe!’’ I said. No reply so I looked down and saw her asleep. I kissed her forehead and snuck out of her grip. I went to play the Xbox with the boys.

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