Don't Stop Believing

Morgan Roberts is your average 19 year-old girl. But she has a secret... Will meeting One Direction save her from a terrible future?


1. Morgan Marie Roberts

Morgan Marie Roberts

Age: 19
Birthday: October 23
Relationships: singlee
Best Friends: Dhalia Anne Davis, Taylor Elizabeth Duncan 
Favorite Bands: One Direction, The Fray, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay
Brown Hair Blue Eyes
Nickname:M, Monkey


Hi! I'm Morgan! Don't have many friends, never have never will. I haven't experienced a lot of things most teenagers have, but my life isn't exactly... normal. I think you'll figure it out later. Anyways, I guess you could say I'm bubbly. That's what my friends say. I try not to be mean and talk as little as possible. I guess that's it for now. You'll learn more about me later.



This is my first movellas and I hope you enjoy if you want to be Louis' girlfriend then comment your name, age, hair and eye color, birthday, and nicknames. -xxCam


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