Don't Stop Believing

Morgan Roberts is your average 19 year-old girl. But she has a secret... Will meeting One Direction save her from a terrible future?


5. Long After Your Gone Gone Gone

I woke up to a stinging sensation in my side. 

"Get up slut!"Jim (my dad) said. 

Great he's drunk again...

"I said get up!!" He yelled kicking me again. 

When I didn't reply he simply grabbed me up by my hair and said "gonna play that game," still no answer, "ok but you asked for it."

He kicked me again. Then punched my face. Hard. I screamed out in pain no longer holding it in. He just punched me more but this time everywhere. Then he roughly picked me up and dropped me up. Crack. I think I broke ALL my bones! I hadn't realized how hard I was crying until now.i screamed out again on purpose. Bad mistake. 

"You think someone will hear you little slut?"he said. "And just for that you get a punishment."

He started moving his rough hands across my bloody and bruised legs. Then he did the unimaginable. He pulled down my pants and raped me. I couldn't take it anymore so I kicked him where the sun don't shine an he doubled over in pain. Bad mistake. I tried to run but he caught me by my hair. 

"You think you can get away? Well hate to break it to you sweetheart but that won't happen ever!"he screamed. 

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my side. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I realized all to late he stabbed me. Then he smirked if muttering "that should be good for now" and walked out the front door. I heard his car pull away. 

I laid there for about 2 minutes when I realized I had to leave now or die. I crawled the best I could and packed a bag. I only put the necessaries like my phone, toothbrush, clothes, stuff like that, and the few hundred pounds i dollars i saved up. Then I limped out the door. 

Goodbye house forever... I thought. 

I had no to go. Then I remembered! The gas station I went to earlier had some food I could get and there was a hotel next to it!

I rushed over to the small store getting light headed the faster I went. Finally! I reached the store and by then I was starving. On my way in I saw a big black bus parked outside. 
'I wonder why it's there?' 

I made my way inside and bought some food and water. Then, I started getting dizzy and the last thing I saw was a blonde kid kneeling down asking me if I could hear them. 

*Niall's POV:

We were on our way to a concert when we stopped at convenience store. I was the first to walk in cause I was STARVING.Like usual. 

When I went inside I noticed a ver VERY pretty girl. But she seemed ill and was bloody. As I paid and was getting ready to leave I saw the girl pay and fall. I went over there and asked if she could hear me it seemed she fainted. 

Several minutes late she began to stir. She moved her arm but wince at what it seemed pain. That's when I noticed all the cuts and bruises. By then he opened her eyes to the most scared face I've ever seen. I needed to help her. 

I quickly stood up and offered he ra hand. She just flinched when I stuck it out like I scared her or something. 

"It's ok I won't hurt you" I said. 

She looked doubtful but reluctantly stood up anyways. She winced again as soon as she was standing up. I explains that we were going to go back to the bus and take her to a hospital. She agreed. 

"What's your name?", I asked. 

"Morgan." She said weakly. 

"That's a pretty name. I'm Niall. Nice to meet you."

When she stood up to go to the bus she wobbled and lost her balance, but luckily I caught her. She has the most beautiful eyes and hair. I looked at her strait in the eye and immediately was zoning out. 

"Would you like me to carry you?" I asked.

She nodded. Then we went into the bus...

Jim's POV:

I got home and saw that little slut no where around.

She was gone. 

I she thinks she can run away and not come back then she's wrong. And when I find her I will beat the hell out of her until she is dead. 

To find her easily I called my friend Franks. 

"Hello Frank. It looks like little slut ran away and we need to find her." I said. 

"Ok." He replied and with that I went to look for her...

Authors Note:
Hope you like the story so far! Intense? The boys will be more in the next chapter! Bye Fishies!


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