Don't Stop Believing

Morgan Roberts is your average 19 year-old girl. But she has a secret... Will meeting One Direction save her from a terrible future?


7. Changes

Morgan's POV:

We got to the bus and I noticed there were more than just Niall 'I think that's his name' One had curly hair, another had black, one had styled up light brown hair, and another had darker and shorter brown hair kinda styled.

"Who's that," asked the curly haired boy. 

"Guys this is Morgan. Morgan this is Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. 

"Nice to meet you," said the shorter brown haired boy; I think his name is Liam. 

"Hi," I barley managed to croak out. 

As he came closer to give me a hug I backed away. 'Here comes the slap,' i thought. I eventually hit the wall an slowly slid down it. He was leaning over me he reached out his hand and said, "I'm not going to hurt you." He grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"Your not?" I said, everyone else does I muttered.

"What?" He said.

"Never mind."

"Ok, so do you have a place to stay?" Niall asked 


"Would you like to stay with us?"

"Uh well yeah erm sure."

"You'll be fine I promise!" said a very cheery Louis i think.

The car ride was very interesting. I've learned all their names by now and that Zayn loves I mean LOVES his hair. Louis is crazy and loves carrots. Liam is very responsible like a dad. Harry is a flirt, and Niall loves food more than anything. Oh and Harry hates being called Harold (I'll use that on him later!)

*At the house*

"So, Morgan this is our house." Niall said. I just stood there with an open mouth.

"Careful love you'll catch flies!" "Haha very funny Harold!" I emphasized the world Harold. He just sat down with a pouty face. 

"So, who wants to give Morgan a tour of our casa?" Liam asked

"I will!" said Niall very excited.


This should be interesting...


Heloo! Sorry it took so long to update! I will try to update more often espically with my new co-author Mary Beth!!!! Bye little fishies!





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