Love through the loneliness

Lilly finds happiness and love through her true love Conner. Over time things happen through their relationship where love is the only cure. As their love grows so does their faith. In this story you will be brought through time in Lilly's life as a love grows, tragedy occurs and hope is spread.


1. Introduction

Chapter 1 Introduction

Lilly is a sad lonely teen who has faced bullying and suicidal thoughts ,and on top of all of that she just moved to a new home in a new town ,where she knows no one. Lilly's parents don't know about her being sad, depressed and suicidal, they have no idea of what she has faced everyday for the past 8 years. Conner a self absorbed, rude teenage boy finds respect and love for others that did not exist years before, after meeting Lilly at her worst time in life. Lilly's scars inside and out are recognized by Conner after a tragic trauma in her life as a young teenager. Music and Taylor Swift for years are the only thing that gets Lilly through everything and keeps her heart beating. After everything in Lilly's tragic life she finally finds happiness in a brown haired, green eyed boy from Houston Texas.

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