Love through the loneliness

Lilly finds happiness and love through her true love Conner. Over time things happen through their relationship where love is the only cure. As their love grows so does their faith. In this story you will be brought through time in Lilly's life as a love grows, tragedy occurs and hope is spread.


4. Chapter 4

On the car ride home I didn't say a thing I just say there in silent fighting back the tears. My mom tried to to ask me stuff but after a few words she stopped. As soon as I entered my room I through off my shoes and ran to my closet. I go in there because it's small dark and has no windows so at night I can't see myself. At this point I'm bawling. It isn't what they said it's how they did it, they pretended to love me and tell me secrets about other people ,and then I leave for a few minutes and say horrible things about me before they even knew me. I cut more that night. I had not done so in a few months almost 6 and then they made it a lot worse. I promised myself to not do it again but I did. It isn't just side to side any more it's across now in both directions. I'm so tired of life but every time I try to kill myself I fail miserably. I listened to Taylor for the rest of the week and I tried everyday to not cry but well it didn't work.

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