Love through the loneliness

Lilly finds happiness and love through her true love Conner. Over time things happen through their relationship where love is the only cure. As their love grows so does their faith. In this story you will be brought through time in Lilly's life as a love grows, tragedy occurs and hope is spread.


3. chapter 3

I'm in the car with my mom on my way to the party I still can't believe that I'm going to this random persons house. My mom is telling me that Jordan is excited to meet me but I highly doubt that. I'm not looking forward to this at all I know I'm going to screw this up some how. We finally arrive in the driveway and I step out and look around I can tell they are rich and she is popular around here. I don't have a good feeling about this at all. I step in their two story house and instantly I can spot her she is in the corner with 3 or 4 girls around her that she is talking to. I continue to look around and I see some boys. My mom didn't tell me that any guys would be here. My mom is talking to Jordan's mother and I'm decide to go up to the group of loud, chatty girls. The second I approach them they ask me my name, age and interests. Apparently they had no clue I would be there but I don't care any more. So I state my name, age and that I love music and Taylor Swift. They are excited by me (that's a first).


I'm actually having fun. We are talking about autumn a strange topic to talk about but it is fall so I guess it's not that random. I'm really hungry so I tell them so and head to the kitchen. I see a real cute boy but from what I herd a total douche his name is Conner and there is another guy I think his name is Jase. I grab a slice of pizza and sit down to eat it ,I over hear their conversation and it's about something real stupid and guy like so I just eat. Then Conner walks up to me with a shocked look on his face. The entire time I was here I never saw one guy talking to a girl so I assumed Jordan has a brother (she does they are twins his name is James). He asked me my name and I said Lily he said he liked my name and that it suits me. I say thank you and look down and continue to eat. I finish and throw my plate away realizing it's been 10 minutes sense I left from the group. I start walking when I hear my name and then I freeze and hide so no one sees me. It's Jordan she's talking about how strange I act and that she can't believe what I'm wearing I'm shocked. I hear a few snide comments from some if the other girls except for one girl her name is Sidney. I had liked her most from the start she never said anything bad about anyone. So I walk out of the kitchen and onto where they are siting on the rug the second they see me they switch topics and laugh a little to cover it up. I stay and listen and talk and wait 15 minutes before I say " I need to go to the ladies room I'll be right back." They say hurry back and smile. I run into the bathroom as fast as I can and I cry. I thought this day might be fun, I thought I could be included and be happy but I thought wrong! I hear a knock and it's Conner he asked if I'm ok and I said in fine. He reassures me and I say why do you even care and he backs away saying I was just wondering I wasn't trying to be rude sorry . I pick up my phone and call my mom and tell her to pick me up early. After I hang up I hear another knock and it's Jordan saying "you ok in there? What's taking so long?" I say my mom is coming to pick me up and that she called me right after I washed my hands. I walk out and my mom is in the driveway. I say bye to everyone even Jordan and say thanks for having me and walk out the door.

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