Love through the loneliness

Lilly finds happiness and love through her true love Conner. Over time things happen through their relationship where love is the only cure. As their love grows so does their faith. In this story you will be brought through time in Lilly's life as a love grows, tragedy occurs and hope is spread.


2. Chapter 2

I just moved to a new town outside of San Antonio Texas called Boerne. I'm crying in the closet as I'm singing to the words to wake me up by Avicii. I feel tears running down my cheek as I sing the words " feeling my way through the darkness guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will end but I know where to start they tell me I'm too young to understand they say I'm caught up in a dream well life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes well that's fine by me so wake me up when it's all over when I'm wiser and I'm older all this time I was finding myself and I didn't even know I was lost..." it's one of my favorite songs right now it explains me almost perfectly. Right as I get tho the repeat of the chorus I hear a knock at my door. It's probably my mom she has no idea what I go through. I stop singing pull up my selves as far as they can go so she can't see my scars and I wipe my tears. She tells and to get ready and I have 25 minutes to do so and that I'm going to a party. She meet this girl named Jordan's mother at the grocery store and she told the lady about me and the lady told my mom to bring me to her daughters party this weekend. I felt like I was Gabriella from high school musical because I was being forced to some strangers party at their house. So I get dressed in a long sleeved mint green dress because of my scars ,with some shoes to match and because it's winter I throw on a heavy cardigan over top of it. I apply some foundation so the people their don't see my tear stains. I have some more time to kill so I finish singing wake me up and then put on "tied together with a smile" by Taylor Swift for the hundredth time that day because it describes me perfectly. I sing along and think over my life once again. Soon after I hear another knock on my door and as soon as it opens my mom is pulling at my arm saying time to leave.

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