Love for Christmas

Emily Van Green was used to being alone, her mother didn't pay much attention to her, her father was dead, and all she wanted for Christmas was a friend, but she got so much more.


2. Love For Christmas

Chapter Two: Love For Christmas



I woke up Christmas morning to my phone buzzing. It was Gregg of course and I smiled. 


'Come downstairs.'




'I have a surprise' 




I got up and dressed in grey skinny jeans and a white sweater with a snowman on it. I pulled on my combat boots and walked down the stairs. 


'K, I'm down stairs.'


'open the door.'




I walked to the door and opened it. Gregg stood there, mistletoe hung from the eave of the door and he held a box.


"Merry Christmas mon cher."


"Merry Christmas Gregg, hold on." I rushed back inside and grabbed the present I had gotten him. "Okay I'm back." I glanced at the mistletoe and kissed him on the lips. 


"I knew it would work." he laughed. "Here, Merry Christmas."


"Here, Merry Christmas." I mimicked. We exchanged presents and I opened the box. It was a locket, I opened it and it had a picture of my dad on one side and Gregg and I on the other. In the picture I was kissing Gregg's cheek. I smiled, I remembered taking it in the mall. On the back was an engraving,


'Maintenant, mon cher amour, il ya deux hommes qui t'aime pour toujours. Dans la mort et à la vie. Now my dearest love there are two men who will love you forever. In death and in Life.'


I cried over what the inscription said,


"Oh Gregg its beautiful." 


"This is amazing Em, how did you know?"


"I don't know lucky guess?"


He held up the plane tickets to New Hampshire. 


"I don't know how to thank you,"


"A kiss will suffice, and putting this beautiful necklace on me." I smiled and turned around, he put the necklace around my neck and secured it. I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck a good two feet above my head and he leaned down and kissed me. 


"I love you." he whispered.


"I love you too." Two weeks ago I wished for a friend. Today I received not only a friend but love as well.


"Let's go for a walk," I grabbed my jacket and followed him outside. It began to snow, and we walked hand in hand down the side walk, 


I got Love for Christmas; what did you get?

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