Wrecking Ball

Rilee and her friend Blaire are in high school. There is a new boy and Rilee might like him! READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS, WHO WILL RILEE GET WITH?! AND.... TO SEE IF BLAIRE DOES SOMETHING!- __itsmemaddy


3. Morning

Rilee's POV

I wake up and get ready for school. Since I have to walk I need to leave early, I still didn't get my license! i'm to lazy, and i'm 20. i'm gonna need to get it already. I grab everything and walk out to school. 20 minutes or less I am at school. I walk into the class room and... "Your late" I hear the teacher say. I groan and take my seat. "Please open your social Studies text book to page 347 and read 347-360 please." She says looking at her paper work.


Louis' POV


I stare at Rilee, it sounds stalker-ish but i can't help it! She is beautiful and i want to tell her. But i am new so it might come off weird. So i will wait, i am also working on the Flower crown. I see a hand in my face... CRAP! I got lost in my thoughts! "Mr. Tomlinson?" I see the teacher. "Huh?" I blush of embarrassment, "sorry just focusing" i look down at my book continuing to work.


Blaire's POV

I see Rilee and Louis looking at each other. I wonder if anything is going on. "Ms. Teacher Lady?" I ask rudely. The teacher glares at me "now that was just rude" she walks to my desk and places her hand on my desk. "So what do you need?" I smirk "you to leave me the heck alone" i swear she almost blew up. "Go" she points to the door, "principals office" i get up and walk out yellin' "see ya suckas!!"

Harry's POV


I am new so my bet mate Louis let me sit next to him. He keeps looking over at this pretty girl, i think her name is Rilee. I agree she is pretty but i have a GF back home, and she would kill me if anything happened. Louis wont stop biting his lip and he looks worried. "Hey Lou?" I whisper. "Yea?" He answers still whispering. "Whats wrong u seem worried?" I say with a hint of concern. "Oh its nothing Mate" he turns to Rilee again. oh my gosh, he is head over heels for her. And they just met!

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