Wrecking Ball

Rilee and her friend Blaire are in high school. There is a new boy and Rilee might like him! READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS, WHO WILL RILEE GET WITH?! AND.... TO SEE IF BLAIRE DOES SOMETHING!- __itsmemaddy


1. School

Rilee’s POV

I groan as I sit through science in high school. But, my best friend Blaire is in most off my classes, except music. She has Dance, because she wants to be a celebrity when she grows up. I stared at the clock until the bell rang. “YAY!” I run out of the classroom as fast as I can. As I am running to elective I bump into someone. “Oh- I’m sorry” he never looked up until I poked him in the side for not saying sorry. “Hey you should apologize you were running too!” I raise my voice. “And I don’t care.” He looks up and I see his bright blue eyes. “Now if you will excuse me, I am leaving” he tries to walk past me but I push him back. “You haven’t gone to electives yet dumbo.” I look at his binder/books.

“So you’re a new kid and we have elective together.” I drag the boy to music class. “Oh and by the way, I didn’t catch your name.” “Louis. Louis Tomlinson.” He walks into class and I follow behind him. As I walk in… “Your late.” The teacher says. I groan and push Louis up to the front. “I was helping him get around, he is new.” The teacher smiles and gestures Louis to introduce himself. “H-hi I’m Louis.” He stuttered. I just smirk and look at him. He slightly blushes and sits down at the table across from me.

Louis’ POV

That girl… I never caught her name either. She seems nice though, I mean I was a jerk earlier. But maybe I can make it up. “So class today we are learning about the differences between Classical music and Jazz music” everyone’s eyes widen out of excitement, but honestly what is so cool about classical and jazz music? I like pop and R&B. I pull out my notebook along with everyone else, and we start taking notes on today’s lesson. That girl raises her hand.

“Yes Rilee?” I hear the teacher say. So her name is Rilee, good to know. “Um, do we do lessons 3-5 or 3-6?” she says. “Do 3-6 please” the teacher replies. I just sit and do all my work. I manage to finish early, so I doodle in my notebook. I zone out and focus on drawing. a few seconds later… “Mr. Tomlinson?” I get tapped on the shoulder by the teacher. “Huh?” I saw that everyone had left but Rilee was waiting for me at the door. “Thanks for waiting Rilee.” She looks at me confused. “How do you know my name?” I blush at the remark, and think oh yeah she didn’t tell me. “Um…The teacher said it and you answered so I guessed that’s your name.”

Rilee’s POV

I wonder how he knows my name. “Um…The teacher said it and you answered so I guessed that’s your name.” he says slightly blushing. “Oh well, are you new? Like just moved here new?” I ask putting my hand on my hip. “Yea I moved from Don Caster to London, not much of a move but for school it is.” True that. “Maybe I could show you around-“Blaire walks up to Louis and I. “Rilee! You promised you would help me study! You know I hate math!” I groan. “But Blaire, Please” Blaire looks at me with an evil look. “No.” She walks of saying “See you at 5:00.”

Blaire’s POV

I giggle at the thought of Rilee hooking up with the new guy. I mean come on, she has had like 8 boyfriends. And they all left he, I mean I am sorry but also not sorry. I have had maybe 5 or less. I text Rilee cause I see her still standing with that boy, what’s his name? Lewis? Any way I send the text.


Hurry up ya flirt!

-Rilee Doee!

Whatever, I will be there in 5 or less.

I see Rilee walking out about 4 minutes later. “FINALLY!!!” She fake smiles and says “Leave me alone, and you’re older than me so you have to drive me home if you want to study at my house.” I smile and hop in my car then I drive us both to my house. “Change of plans we are studying at my house.

Louis’ POV

Maybe Rilee will show me around tomorrow like she said she would. I mean she seems kind of busy, but maybe we can make it work. I wonder if I should make her a thank you gift for showing me around at school and around in general. I think I will make her something. Maybe a…. Flower crown? She seems to tomboyish to wear one though. I guess I could try the Flower crown. I run to my car and drive home.

Rilee’s POV

Blaire really had to ruin my talk with Louis?! I mean I know she doesn’t want me hooking up with any new people like I used too but… Louis he- he’s different. I mean yeah he was kind of a jerk earlier but he seems to have a nicer side under all the tattoos. We walk inside Blaire’s house and it is huge! I mean I have been before but it must have gotten bigger in like what, 3 days? Anyway… “Let’s go to your room to study Blaire” I walk upstairs. She follows behind. “You know just because you know you’re way around my house don’t mean you can go as you please. I mean you want a cookie for being smart?” I could tell there was sarcasm there. “I know you’re joking but can I have a cookie?” I ask in curiosity. She glares at me “What do you think?” “Um you know I don’t think! So yes or no for that cookie?” She glares once again. “No, now start helping me study please”

Blaire’s POV

Rilee and I finally finished homework and studying for the test around 11:00 p.m. I am older than her so I need to drive her home. “Rilee I need to get you home now!” I yell. She groans. “But I’m sleepy…” I just grab her things and put them in my car, then go back inside and get her. We get into the car and I drive her home. “Byeee!” she says half asleep. She walked in her house and I drove back home.

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